Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to BROK!!!

He turned 1yrs old today! I swear it was just yesterday that we were anxiously awaiting his arrival! We are go grateful to have him in our lives! he is just so fun!

My parents & siblings came for the weekend to celebrate his fun day with us & we had a blast! We opened presents (boy is he spoiled) & he loved it! He got clothes, toys & his new favorite thing, BUBBLES! We went out to eat at Dave & Buster's which for those of you who don't know, it's a restaurant/arcade (think Chuck E Cheese without the pizza) but for older crowds... We had so much fun & I'lll get pictures up soon! He ordered (ok we did for him) a grilled cheese & fries & ate half the sandwich & all the fries! Then they brought out a big brownie cut into 2 triangles & filled with whip cream & a candle & we sang & he dug right in! He was having so much fun! It was even more fun to watch him! He loved it!!!! Then we played games & he had major sensory overload! It was a good night! He was even happy & awake until 930 or so!

Today we had pizza for lunch & he downed a whole slice like it wasn't there & then a whole slice of his birthday cake! Of course he went straight for the frosting since it looked like fun! Needless to say he ended up in the tub! We also hunted eggs & ate some yummy candies!

I can't believe how time has flown this year! Kevin & I were talking last night about how it's been countdowns from Jan of 2007, first til he came, then til Kevin left for basic training, then til he graduated & we moved to Texas, then til we were done in Texas, til we were done & settled here & finally til he turned 1! Now my countdown is until my first doc appointment for this baby! & then it's going to be til we find out what it is, then 1yr in the AF & so on... Even though it sometimes made it go slow, it also helps us pass the time!

Thanks to everyone for everything the past year! We love & miss you all!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


I have been trying so hard not to get sick like I was with Brok... I had one week with him where I honestly kept nothing but some carmel apple cider down. So far, I haven't thrown up but the dry heaves come at the most inopertune (it's probably not spelled right) time. Like holding Brok & making a bottle (formula smells gross anyway) while he's mad & then when I am trying to make the little boys I nanny some macaroni & cheese... Not so fun! When I was preg with Brok, my boss told me that feeling sick is somewhat of a good sign as it means that my body is accepting the baby but I have other thoughts! This little booger already has strong opinions!

I have learned that fried foods, no matter what they are, fries, fried chicken, anything greasy at all makes me so sick & want to hurl! Which isn't a bad thing... Maybe I'll pick up some healthy eating habits...

I did find out that my due date is Oct 26th. Which puts it when our lease is up at our house we're in now, around our anniversary (the 4th of Nov, pray it comes before then!) & right at halloween! I will be super Preggo during the hottest months of the year! AHHHHH!!! Hopefully I can handle it!

As for Brok, he seems to find it rather funny that he is getting a little sibling... I will ask if he thinks it's a little brother or a little sister & he starts laughing at me. He is sleeping better but still gets so frustrated at not being able to move! We did find out that the agency responsible for getting him a case worker to start his therapy moved & doesn't have anyone assigned to handle our end of town so we have to wait for them to get that figured out... It's rather frustrating because here he is going to be 1 in just a couple weeks & is not figuring out anything. We do what we can to help but I'm certainly not an expert!

Anyway... That is basically all for now... Nothing is happening except it's geting HOT!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

There must be something in the air...

Because just like a lot of other women, we are also EXPECTING!!! I was feeling very naseous & had been really tired & then I realized that It was the beginning of March! There is a little bundle of joy on the way for us in Oct... probably around the end or middle... We don't know yet, it's a big ordeal here...

I had to go to the base & take their pregnancy test (even though I had taken 3 at home & they told me those are more accurate than theirs!) & then had to wait for an hour for them to read the results & tell me I was pregnant (duh) & then I had to go get a referral for an off base OB/GYN since there isn't a hospital on base here & I guess the military docs don't deliver at the valley hospitals. So I get to hang out & wait for them to "choose" my doctor.

The only good thing of that long wait was that I made a new friend today. Her name is shelby & she has a little boy who is 10 months old named Ky & she is due at the same time as me.

Other than that, we dont have too much exciting going on, Brok got his first ear infection & has decided that sleeping is better than screaming (Finally) so he has spent a lot of the past 2 days sleeping it off.... My littlest sister also got baptized this weekend. It was nice to get to visit with family for a few days but we never remember to take more time off! We always just take Fri-Mon & then spend all mon wishing we had taken more time off... It didn't help that I have today & tomorrow off (not voluntarily)...

Kevin is just chugging along passing time til his CDC training books come... not real sure what that is but I know it is a lot of studying & a lot of not fun! Other than being very naseous, I am doing good with this baby... I hit a rut about 4pm where I am just ready for a nap! I honestly don't think I was this tired with Brok or if I was, I hid it well!

Hope everyone else is doing good!