Monday, February 18, 2008

What a fun weekend!

So Kevin & I have wanted to get a new 4-wheeler or something since our BRAND NEW ONE got smushed right after Brok was born but between all the moves & having a baby, our thoughts shifted to a sand rail or dune buggy... Well this weekend we finally took one step forward & made a purchase... This guy out in Globe, AZ (a 2 & a half hour drive for us) had the perfect project to both keep Kevin busy on the weekends & to (hopefully) get us out & about... Some old man welded the frame together from a bunch of old vehicles he had sitting... personally, I think it looks cool but It will be even better when we get it able to go play in... It runs, has all the parts it needs except a bench seat for the baby, new seat belts for us & a clutch linkage... Kevin set a goal for ASAP it to be able to play in & I promised not to bug him but I did tell him that if it sits for more than a month with no progress (meaning not even thinking about it) I will bug... When it's done it will be so fun... & it's almost street legal so we plan to get it registered so we can just leave from the house & go play... Here are a few pictures of the "toy".

And we also had fun going to garage sales this weekend, we actually made out well! I got some scrapbook supplies (new stamps, some papers & embellishments), a new Jeep Jogger stroller for Brok (ok & to hopefully motivate me to get out), we went to one house that the people had been forclosed & they left so much stuff, one of those wooden shelf things with the plastic colored bins & some really nice white shadow boxes with matching picture frames& Kevin got a small toolbox & a large one for... FREE!!!! how cool huh?

We also got busy painting the house, I was so tired of white eggshell walls so I found some nice brownish paint for the living room wall & we got to work! I wasn't so sure it would turn out well but I actually really like it. Most of our stuff in that room is cherry wood or black & the contrast is awesome... Kevin got me framed pictures from our wedding in really nice matching frames for Valentine's day so we hung those too... I didn't really get him anything, I blew up like 50 balloons & decorated his car!

As for Brok... well he has been sick this weekend, fevers, & cough but seems to be feeling a little better. We went to lunch today (neither of us had to work) at Golden Corral & you should have seen him stuff his face! I had him in the high chair across the table from us & gave him some roll to start & he was so excited he looked like he had ants in his pants. He also had some oyster crackers (those hexagon shaped ones), baked potato, peaches, pineapples, lemon bars & ice cream as well as a biter biscuit which he proceeded to shove in his mouth & choke on... I also gave him a cookie & his eyes got so big when I put it in front of him! He is learning to put things in his mouth so good... I gave him a rock to see what he would do with it & well, it ended up in his mouth!!! What a charater! He is the best kid & We are so lucky to have him in our lives! I love hearing him babbly & when he gets so excited to see me! It is so much fun being a mom! Who knew!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tagged from Shelly

I'm not tagging anyone but if there is someone out there in Blog land (hu-lind-hum-sey) that doesn't know what to write...

A. The rules of this game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player answers the question about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, and then leaves a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog to get the directions.

10 yrs ago: I was almosr 13. I was in 8th grade. I was more worried about finding a new boyfriend or keeping the one I had or something than school work... I got my first detention for something I was not involved in & I was learning the meaning of a good friend.

5 Things on my list of things to do today:
1)make some real food for dinner, though real food is expensive
2)finish the kitchen, I started with the dishes... now I need to clean the cabinets.
3)Do the laundry... or rather, fold the laundry
4)finish painting the toddler bed so I can sell it
5)shower & get to bed at a decent time so I can be alert tomorrow.

Things I would do if I suddenly was a Billionaire: Well luckily that would get us out of the Air Force! Yeah! I'd buy us a house on a bunch of land. I would pay off all our debt & my parents (his don't have any... they have lived in the same house for like 40 years) Put money away for our kids. Give to the church cause they are like the best charitable organization. I'd also volunteer a lot of my time (since I wouldn't have to work) & money to rescue abused dogs... We're big animal lovers. Oh, I'd build my parents (& the Longos) the cabin they keep saying they are going to build. And I'm sure I'd buy plenty of material crap for us all too!

3 of my bad habits: 1) Being lazy. 2) Over reacting. 3) not balancing my checkbook.

Places I have lived: Modesto, CA; Logan, UT; Manhattan, KS; Gooding, ID; Moscow, ID; Las Vegas, NV; St. George & surrounding areas (Leeds, Washington, Washington Fields, Ivins); Wichita Falls, TX & Buckeye, AZ... Wow...

Jobs I have had: ECO office clerk at Nellis AFB (I tracked all the computers on base), Pest control office Seceratary, Childcare, MOM

Things most people don't know about me: I'm having trouble thinking of things.
1)I am also (like shelly, horrible at keeping my house clean, I only do it when someone is coming over.
2)I love the stupid reality TV shows, I used to watch them all the time...
3)I spend way too much money on toys for Brok that he really can't even play with... but what mom doesn't?
4)I like change. I get really bored...
5)I can cook very well but I never do cause I'm always too tired or lazy



This week has been one from well... everywhere! Monday I woke up so sick I couldn't even lift my arms to fix my hair. I slept most of the day & when Kevin left for work, I hurt myself & couldn't even get the baby out of his crib so Kevin got to come home. I was achy, feverish & weak. I wasn't nauseous or throwing up thank goodness. I was just plain sick. But I felt much better after sleeping all day (honestly, I was only awake from like 230-6 or so) so needless to say, I didn't work...

Then Tuesday I wasn't 100% but was 100% better from where I was monday... & it was the day of Brok's evaluation so I just sucked it up & went to work... It turned out to be a good choice... Not only did his eval go well which I will explain later, but I really need the hours this week! Because I didn't work on Wed which is my day off (though I ended up getting called in for about 4 hours) so that was day 2 this week of no work & then Today, he didn't work so what do you know, neither did I!!! so... in the last week, I have worked only 2 days! a total of only 12 hours... oh well...

So today I go to re-register Kevin's motorcycle, which we tried to do last week but had issues with not having the right stuff. So we got "a copy of the original title" which is what they told us we could use faxed over well when I go in today, it won't work... They need a notorized or certified or some crap copy... So all the work I went through to get the faxed copy was for nothing... So Kevin has his motorcycle class tomorrow & I'm freaking out cause it has to be registered & he can't miss this class without major punishment & the lady was like well I guess I can give you a temporary for 90 days... So I had to fork out $15 for a stupid temp one (I know it's only money) & now he can deal with it!!!!

anyway... So Brok's thing... An occupational therapist came & eval-ed him... She basically just asked all about his history & talked about what she was doing & what the programs & stuff were. Then she did some prodding around him (she tickled him & he squirmed he is so ticklish!) pulled his legs, sat him up & tried to get him to stand all that kind of stuff... He wouldn't or rather couldn't. & there's a reason... He has what's called hypertonia which is basically just overtoned muscles... His muscles are always flexed so they are super strong & he doesn't work his joints making them very weak... So... What does this mean? Well he will start physical therapy... She told us to be excited because... He will probably skip the walking stage & go right to running since his muscles are already so strong, once the joints catch up, they'll be no keeping still... We're just hoping we can keep up! But it is definately a blessing that it is not something more severe (not that we would have loved him any less) & that it is treatable... For me, I just can't imagine him being able to move! I'm going to have my hands full once he can keep up with the other 3 at work!

As for the rest of life... well we're just here...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Should be doing something else but...

1. Price of Gas Today: $2.74 is what we paid yesterday... out by us it's like 2.81 or something...
2. Temperature Today: in the 40's & very windy!
3. 3 Interesting Things About Our Neighbors: We have a little mexican family nextdoor... very quiet... across the street is a guy who is a real estate agent & looks (& acts) like he's 20 but has 4 kids! Down the street is a guy who always talks on his cell phone in his robe & slippers.
4. Famous Restaurants: Cracker Barrel is close to us
5. Number of People On Our Street with Lights Still Up: 2 or 3 but no one turns them on.
6. Top 3 Tourist Attractions Near Us: Super Bowl but just today... Dave & Buster's, Scottsdale, ugh... Flagstaff.. We live in Phoenix so...
7. Distance from Our house to Where We Attend Church: I don't know but it takes 5 minutes.
8. How Long Have We Lived in the House Where We Currently Reside? 3 months.
9. The Team Everyone Roots for in Our City:Suns & Sundevils
10. Number of Visitors That Could Sleep Comfortably in Our Home if They Were to Visit: Well it depends on what you think comfy is... We have a queen bed, a queen air mattress, couches, & floors... If somone wanted to, I'm sure lie 20 or more could sleep comfortable.
11. Distance Between Us and the Next Closest Relative: My partents inVegas I think.
12. Local Favorite Dessert Place: I generally stay home...
13. Most Exciting Thing at Our House Today: The Ebay maniac called & we started switching Brok to cow's milk today. Also he learned how to scoot on his butt in a circle...
14. Interesting Observations About the People/Culture Where We Live: They are afraid of any kind of something on the side of the road. & they really can't drive. Also, 95% of the drivers here are uninsured & the sheriff of our town told his deputies that if they come upon an accident with any race other than caucasion, to walk away because chances are they are illegal & don't have insurance so the paperwork isn't worth it...


So I bought these 2 things off Ebay right? One was 2 pairs of pants for Kevin bought Jan 4 of this year... So far, no pants.. When I contacted the seller after a week of no pants, he specifically told us he shipped to our address here in Buckeye but then two days later, Kevin's mom calls & says she got them in the mail but that the package was pretty much torn to shreds... but she taped it up & sent it back... Like a week & a half ago... Still no pants... So I go leave the guy negative feedback & what does he do? snaps & starts going off on how I should have let him know I hadn't gotten them & whatever...

The second item was an American Eagle windbreaker type jacket... When I paid for the item, they double charged (strike one), then they told me they refunded so I checked & they did... I also contacted this seller asking to please make sure to send to correct address as we had the previous mix up... She replied back with it was sent to the correct address so I'm like ok sweet... a week later, nothing... Finally Friday I get a package from my mother-in-law & I didn't know what she would have sent to us so I open it & well it was the jacket... So of course I go leave a negative feedback... This seller contacts me basically calling me a liar saying that she doesn't have any paperwork saying she shipped to utah & how would his mom get it Blah, blah blah right... so I email her back explaining that is the address that Ebay started with but should not have been the primary address... She then proceeds to... CALL ME ON THE PHONE!!!! Ebay gave out our phone number to her... She & I go back & forth over it until I finally just hang up because honestly, she is sitting there calling me a liar when I have the package in my hand, with his mon's address in HER WRITING!!! So she waits an hour or so & CALLS BACK!!! I wouldn't talk to her, I was still furious! Anyway... now she is harrassing us... I would have fixed it if she wouldn't have called me a liar!!! I haven't ever had any problems with Ebay but I tell you what... This makes me want to only buy new! (the thing is, she has like 300+ feedback so one will drop her like .003%)

Anyway... The superbowl is here... We drove past the staduim today... I wish we could have gone... We actually could have... I guess they recruited the Airmen from the base to go be on the field or something during halftime... But during rehearsals, Kevin had to work... Sucky!!!! Oh yeah if you were curious, the jets flying overhead there are The ones kevin works on...