Monday, November 26, 2007

Life is so CRAZY!

This past week or so has been so incredibly crazy! I feel like all we do is run, run run!!! But it has been so fun & keeping us preoccupied & makeing time fly! Brok finally learned to sit up alone! He is a little slow as far as that kind of stuff but I know he can do it just he doesn't. but he finally learned. And then to top that off, on Thanksgiving he cut his first tooth. So he's getting there. He is so fun!

As far as the rest of life... I have been working like crazy, really I have worked so much! But that's ok I guess. Kevin graduates on Wed (YAY!!!) and then he does in processing but we get to go home this weekend!!! yay!!! He is really good at his job & he really likes it. Besides sitting up & getting a tooth, Brok has just been chilling... He really is such an easy baby (until he gets a tooth) and is pretty content to just hang out!

We had a good thanksgiving with some friends of Kevin's from school. I made a huge turkey cause we expected a bigger crowd so now we have tons of left overs! Not to mention that there are pies, chips, etc that didn't get eaten! But it was fun for having been our first without family.

We also had a bbq with some friends we made here that he has the same job as Kevin & they have a little one who is only 3weeks older than Brok. We love getting the boys together even though they really don't know why there is another thing there. this is the tops of the boys heads, they were concentrated on the toy!!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday & GUESS WHAT? We will be home this weekend!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Who looks like who?

I guess he looks like both of us!!!

crazy week

So I started working this week it was just the 8-230 wed & fri but she called & wanted to use me on thursday so i worked those two days... Then she got a job & now i work 1230-730 (generally earlier) & get paid a set amount. It's been really fun but also really crazy!!! Kevin gets to live with me finally which is really sweet except for the fact that we have to double duty gas since I work later & he works at seven or so each day...
we found a dog this weekend... I know sounds wierd... So the story goes like this... we were out yard saleing this weekend on saturday morning & we saw this little dog running around & since my dog got hit by a car I freak out at that so we tried to get it but it ran away... then sunday afternoon we were out for a drive and just as we left, we saw it again headed for this really busy street. so I jumped out & grabbed him, he is a really cute little white dog, not sure the type, someone said long hair chihuahua but he doesn;t look like it... he is a really mellow dog that is house trained & he gets along well with our two dogs...
well that about sums up our week other than I just have to say its so HOT!!! Last week it was in the 90s!!! come on its the middle of nov!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Weekend!!!

This was one of the best weekends ever...
First... We celebrated our 2 year anniversary today... & even though we didn't do anything... I love my husband so much... He made me breakfast& changed the diapers & helped a lot with the baby! And I still get a present!!! He is really an amazing man... I love his so much! He is an example to me & he deals with all my inperfections as if they are nothing and the best part is that he tends to let me know that he loves me & that i am beautiful when i feel the ugliest & worst about myself. It's like he knows... I am so grateful that we are able to be together forever, we get to celebrate that anniversary next week (for those of you that don't know, we were sealed last year on the eleventh of november).
Second... I got a new phone... my old one just wouldn't hold charge & well pretty much it was falling apart. We couldn't get a brand new one but one of kevin's friends had a used (barely) razor phone & he gave it to me & kevin bought me a lime green cover for it!!!
Third... We finally got a new car!!! We have been really cramped in our little ford focus & thought we would never get out of it cause we owed double what it was worth but alas we found a good vehicle for us!!! Its a 2003 hyundai sante fe & not only do our payments barely increase, we have gap coverage & a warranty on everything for 100,000 miles plus it took almost four grand off our negative equity!!! so now we are only upside down about three grand... and its way nice, very lightly driven for how old it is... we love it...
Fourth... I made a decision!!! none of those options worked out really... I just couldn't justify anything so I was starting to feel really bummed but then I got this call on Friday afternoon that a lady had seen my ad on one of the many places i had put it & wanted me... so we go to meet them today, they have the cutest little boys, 5, 3.5 & 18months all very self entertained, they will take care of themselves & they pay me a lot... well i mean reasonable, 10/hr for at least 13 hours to start (two days a week, 8-230) then increasing to more as she finds a job.

So basically I lucked out with everything. This weekend solved a lot of my problems!!! Yeah!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I can't decide!

I am having a hard time with finding a job & now I am trying to find a job as a substitute teacher since I have the education background. I don't know!!!!!