Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hello my name is Ashley & My child is autistic

Which comes as no surprise to anyone but now that we have a diagnosis, we can get so many more services! among those services is
~music therapy
~EFMP aka Exceptional Family Member Program aka an excuse to become last on the list for deployment.
~ABA therapy aka applied behavioral analysis therapy aka hard work
~long term care

Does it change our day to day life? nope... He's still the same Brok he was before we knew. I will still deal with him the same way as I always did. Does that make me super mom? HArdly. Sometimes I want to pull my hair out because he is driving me bonkers. Am I the most patient person with him? uh no- you should hear us. But I will forever love him & wonder why I was chosen to have this challenge in my life. Heavenly father must think very highly of me to have given me such a special little boy to love & care for. Life may not always be easy but we can do it together.

I always wonder what he will be like in 2-3 years. Will he ever talk? will he stop the screaming? will he ever potty train? I can hope right? I mean we never thought he would walk either right? & now he is running! It just took him an extra year & a half to figure it out.

& then I think of what he will be like as a teenager. Will I have to remind him to shave? Will I have to remind him to do his homework? Ok that sounds like a normal teenage boy. but really, what will he be like?

will his brother & everyone else love him the way we do? Will he have friends? Will he do well in school? Will he get to enjoy the normal things every teenage boy does? crushes on girls? dances, sports? Will he ever win a trophy or participate on a team? Will he look forward to going on a mission? Will he be able to go?

& most importantly, is there someone out there who when the timing is right will love him & be patient enough with him that they can fall in love & get married? I know he's only 2.5 but these are things a mom wonders about ya know?

Brok you are such a special child in our home. You make our lives interesting to say the least! Would life have been different & harder if you had come into our lives second instead of first? Because we will continue to do what we have always done because we haen't known any different!

I love you son! Even though sometimes you drive us nuts, we will always love you! Thanks for having the faith in us to be your parents!

Love mom

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lukas Is 1!

Ok I am a few days late but we were gone! Plus I now have stats!

I can't believe this year is already gone! Where did the time go my little? You are the cutest little kid ever (besides bubba you are tied with him)! I am completely in love with you all the time! You can make us laugh & smile at the smallest things!!!

~29.5 in 33%
~18lbs 14oz 4%
~don't remember exact # but head is 73%

The nurses at the doctor said they are going to call you lollipop!

Things you can do:
~crawl like a pro
~go up the stairs all by yourself (& give mom a heart attack everytime)
~cruise along furniture
~stand up alone with no help for a long time
~clap when someone says Yay or Good Job
~put your hands on your head when someone says Oh No!
~say mama dada bubba nana nini (granny)
~copy when we try to say something
~drink from a regular cup (almost without spilling)
~drink from a sippy cup with a straw
~push a walking toy without falling
~ride your little trike thing backwards
~make "vroom" noises

Things you like:
~your binky- can't go anywhere without it & it's oh so cute!
~your green blanket- you know which is yours & which isn't!
~to jump like crazy!
~4-wheeling! You loved it on your birthday!
~food! Any & all food- & lots of it! I am always amazed at how much you can eat
~your mommy- when you want to eat or just need a snuggle
~your daddy- any other time
~bubba (aka Brok) I love how you guys play together!
~puppies! you love your dogs & love to bother them!

Little you are the happiest baby I have ever met- I loved you the minute I saw you & I can't believe how big you are already?! You are my little & you make me so happy! I hope that you had a great birthday & I can't wait to see what this year holds!

Age 1 month
Age 1 yr