Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What a bad Blogger!

I just realized it's been a month- almost- since my last post! GEEZ! I have an excuse... Not only do I run a business but I have been chasing 2 kids!

That's right! Lukas is almost 100% a "toddler" he is cruising on everything, crawls like a pro when he can't cruise & is copying his brother. Let me tell you I don't know what I got myself into! I can't adjust my brain to think that this is normal, that he is doing great & is right on track! He also recently decided that he can climb stairs- EEK! I left him & Brok downstairs for under a minute to grab something & when I got to the stairs, he was halfway up! It scares me because he is so tiny still but he loves it! I think Brok was sent to me because I needed time to prepare for the whole walking/climbing thing!

Which he is so good at now! We walk everywhere, all the time & are into everything so much more! He is in a tearing phase, EVERYTHING gets torn. Which is fine unless it's something important. But Brok is doing GREAT! He is pretty much on track with most things except for talking & he still doesn't jump, but that's ok because he is still a beginning walker! I am just happy that he is walking! We are able to do so much more now! Like today, we went with our playgroup to Pump It Up which is a bounce house type place. There was a boxing ring
a basketball court

a giant slide

& an obstacle course that the kids could play on. I left Lukas home with dad & Had tons of fun with Brok! He had a blast! I was tired afterward because I had to climb up to the top of the slide holding him (all 30+lbs) but it was so worth it!

Anyway, They are both growing so fast! I can't even believe it! It's hard to think that Lukas is almost 11months old! Each day he changes! He has the personality of a nut! He has learned to copy what we say & is learning how to sign more & milk. He is awesome! Brok is such a great brother, he loves to play with him & they feed off each other- sometimes good, sometimes bad!

Kevin is working swing shift still, it's actually been really good for us, he works early afternoon to late night & so it leaves me plenty of time in the morning for errands, or evening to work. Business is good for me, I love it & I stay totally busy all the time, my customs list is full each round & I keep return customers! We are talking about putting in to be a recruiter which would bring us closer to home, which would be nice. He sews on his next rank the beginning of November & we are looking forward to that!

We are so excited to be able to come for a visit in about 3wks! We will be in Leeds/St George area Sept 19-26th & Vegas Sept 27-Oct 2nd or so. I am excited to see everyone & especially meet my cousin who is the same age as Lukas! It will be fun to have their cute little birthday party!

Here are a few pictures of Lukas's latest adventure- it was fun!
That's all from the Beals for now- I will try to be more on top of this!