Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My favorite Diaper

Ok I have to give a shout out to my favorite diapers ever!

Did you know that the average disposable diaper stays in a landfill for 500years?

Gdiapers are a great alternative to disposables & cloth- they are a super cute cover found in a variety of colors, with a snap in nylon liner & have the option to use a cloth insert or a flushable insert- which can also be just tossed- without the guilt of leaving it for 500 years! These inserts are comparable in price to disposables & are great if you aren't sure you want to do cloth but are tired of the leaks from disposables, the perfumes & the chemicals!

I have a great promotion going on right now- They have this great everyday pack of 6 covers- 3 vanilla & 3 orange that is offered for $70- which is still a great price- but I have a code that will take $30 off! That means you get 6 covers for $40! That is less than $7/cover! These are great for everyday use, or to test if you will like them! That great code is


I can also offer anyone who emails me letting me know they used my code, a $2 off coupon- you can take these to your local Babies R Us & get $2 off any product- There is a limited amount available so the first 10 to email will recieve them!

I Absolutely LOVE my gdiapers- they are seriously the best thing ever! So versatile & what a great way to start being more greeen!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another milestone!

We have taken steps- WHOOT! Knowingly too- not just the usual walking along the couch & forget to hold on, not the pretend I don't know how kind. Actual, factual recordable steps!!! He took some on monday- I was talking to my mom on the phone& he walked from the end of the sliding glass door watching me, to the edge of the couch- could I get him to do it again? no...

But today- Kevin was sitting on the loveseat & telling me about work last night & all the sudden he paused- goes " Ashley Look-" to which I turn from the computer to see him walking in a waddle type walk not holding on to anything- like you or I would walk around something. a total of probably 15-20 steps!

So we decided to try to get him to do it more- success! Doritos were key but he would take anywhere from 3-10 steps to get the dorito! & then while I was visiting a friend, he did it in her hall! & in the 3ft from her coffee table to her couch!

I am trying not to get too anxious or excited but there is a BIG chance he will be walking in the next week!!!! EEK!!! I am sooooo excited! What a fun thing! He is much preferring to walk over crawl & I noticed it last week at our playdate. He will stand up at the hall & walk along the wall down the hall, he will automatically stand up at the couch to walk instead of crawl around. I am sooo proud! After all this, I wonder if he is just stubborn! I honestly wonder if he's just slow in that he gets content & stuck in a rut & likes he life how it is! What a fun day in our family!

Good job bud!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Pictures to go with the previous post!

Our little garden on the counter!

The back of my car with my new vinyl!

Brok's fat lip- this is the only pic we have

Lou drinking his cup- which he is so good at! But only for water or juice!

The lovely power steering leak on the road from my 45min of Visiting Teaching last week. Yeah- not good at all! Last night when we dropped off the car, I filled it to the max & then all I did was drive to the dealership- a 15min drive & when I got to the dealership, it was below the min!