Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update again & another giveaway!

Ok- I know 3 posts in 2 days! Wow! Read the other posts!

so here's the stats:
Lukas-6mo on April 3rd so today is 6mo & 12days
weighs in at 14lb, 14oz (& he even nursed & had a jar of food prior to going!)- in the 10th%
is 26in long 50%
his head is 17.9cm circumference- which is actually rather large 50-75%

This man is skinny! & my doctor is insane- he told me to feed him steak, eggs, cheese... all the things that I have forever been told not to feed a baby under age 1- so I won't because I googled it & even though steak would be fine if cut up teeny tiny- egg whites are not & yolks are not until age 8-9mo. & cheese is not good in large quantities... Anyway

And for the giveaway- check it out- not my things but I am hosting it! very cute items from extrememly talented mamas!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We are alive!

It has been a CRAZY CRAZY few weeks!

We have done sooo much!

  • Blessing
  • saying mama
  • drinking juice
  • Eating pizza & cake for the first time
  • having a half birthday
  • outgrowing his 0-3mo clothes (about time!)
  • had his 1st Easter


  • turned 2
  • learned to sign "more, cracker, cookie, please" and throw his cup at me to get more milk
  • learned to walk with a walker toy
  • took 2 steps alone
  • had 3 birthday parties
  • Had Easter


  • had a week off
  • visited his family
  • started working back to a somewhat decent schedule (2-10)
  • got to sit in the back of a super old plane
  • enjoyed his family
  • forgot to lock the doors on his car
  • got his stereo stolen


  • took a week vacation with 2 kids under 2 (ok kevin was there)
  • sister came to stay for a week
  • family came to stay for 3 days, ended up staying for 5
  • uses cloth diapers on her kids
  • finished stocking her stash for the diapers
  • started & finished over 20 orders in a week
  • Got to see all her old work friends
  • feels like she has no time!

Basically it was a very good passed month & even though we have been CRAZY busy, I wouldn't have traded it for the world!

Brok is progressing so well... He now has all the building blocks to walk, it's a matter of doing it... He will walk with a toy- We had worked on in in therapy but she had to hold onto it so when I was working with him I tried to get him to do it but he just took off! I remember thinking he is going to face plant but he did so well & does it all the time downstairs! Now we're trying to wean him off that & to walking alone.

Lukas can now say mama & it is his favorite thing to do. He also fit into the same blessing outfit that Brok wore when he was 2wks old & I think that he actually almost fit it better! He is still our tiny dude! We have his 6mo on Wed.

Kevin is just working away while I hang out at home... Which I rarely do! I feel like I am constantly on the go! I pick up & take an 11yr old girl from school and so I leave at 830am & get home around 9, then pickher up at 230 on mondays & 330 T-Fri. It keeps me on my toes!

Enjoy this slide show of all we have done!