Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Title of this post.... UGH

Some good things about this week:

  • Brok is completely cruising FAST along the furniture & is getting into EVERYTHING
  • I dyed my hair darker... now I just need a haircut
  • I had my 6wk post partum appt on Thursday & I found out I weigh less than I did before I got pregnant (why is that? I eat 10x as much) which was nice. Kevin was not feeling well but wasn't too bad yet... I was fine & so were the kids!
  • I found so many of my friends from high school in the blogging world! Yay for catching up!
  • I have only had 2 cans of soda in the last 2 wks! (maybe that's why I was smaller)
  • Lukas's thrush is GONE!

The theme of the rest of this post... SICK, SICKER, SICKEST...

Little did I know... It all started on Friday...

Brok, Lukas & I had a playdate with kids from early intervention (one of Brok's therapies) well really only one kid. It was a lot of fun for Brok, he got out of the house, got to interact with kids his age & ones who have been through what he is going through. It was really good for me to meet this mom because her son will be 2 next month & just started walking & still doesn't talk either... She gave me encouragement in saying that her son went through the same steps as Brok & that cruising was a close step to when he first started walking. I felt great & looked great (I actually got ready for the day) Then about 2pm, I started feeling stuffed up, my nose was "leaking" but I was still feeling good. Then it came to about 330, Kevin was leaving for work & I started to feel dizzy & had the worst sinus headache. NO FUN! But I chugged through it until Brok went to sleep at 9 & i followed with Lukas. Kevin was still at work & didn't get home til midnight. When he got home, I was so stuffed up, had a horrible headache & couldn't barely move but still had to feed Lukas... After I did that I went into the hot shower thinking that would help... nope... Since I am breastfeeding I can't take anything but it got so bad that I couldn't even sleep... it was 2am & I hadn't slept at all. So I tried to find a tylenol, nope don't have any... but after I had given birth the doc gave me vicadin so I ended up taking one of them & sleeping a little bit til at 4 Lukas was up again & up til 630. Then Brok woke up at 7 & well that was the start of an awful week. I am so SICK!

Brok & Lukas both got somewhat of a cold but since they are littler, they are SICKER than me...
I still haven't gotten better & I still don't get any sleep. I am stuffed up, Have a horrible persistent headache & feel like death... But that's the least of it!

Yesterday Kevin woke up with a migraine... which is not a normal thing for him... & this is a migraine to end them all. I have NEVER seen him in so much pain. He was crying for me to call the doctor or to go to the ER. He was seriously debilitated. So besides that I am still sick, I now have a hubby who is the SICKEST of all! He went to the doctor who said because he never had one before it was a concern & is sending him back today to check because it is still not gone away.

So as you can see, not a fun week... How is it that when I get sick, someone gets sicker? Why can't I for once actually be sick? I would love nothing more than to just curl up in bed & sleep.

Hopefully this next week will be better...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Week has come & gone

I officially hate the night shift! It goes by sooooo slow!

How is it that I feel like my weeks aren't long enough? I swear I was just writing about our anniversary!

SO... the highlights of our week:

  • We FINALLY got our money back from when the lady stole it. YES!

  • Brok started the TERRIBLE 2's way too early

  • Lukas has thrush

  • Kevin didn't work much (or so it seemed)

  • I got 4hrs of sleep in a row... but for only one night

  • We thought about getting a cat, had a lady bring one to us & it freaked out at the dogs, at the babies & finally at Kevin... bye-bye cat

  • Kevin's phone went on the fritz, 2 times before it finally died

  • We sold the Enduro motorcycle!

YEs it's true, the lady that "accidentally" pressed $100 cash back on our unfinished transaction got caught & offered to give the money back... She didn't have anything on her record so we didn't press charges but I did make sure she knew it wasn't right what she did... Imagine the surprise on her face when 6+cops showed up at her house & cuffed her! Bet she will never do that again.

Brok has the WORST attitude. He has an ear piercing scream & has learned that it wears on eveyrone's patience very quickly. Not to mention that he has learned to manuver himself around the furniture to get into things. & ridiculous what he can get into! This week alone he has: dumped a cup of water on himself, dumped out the entire bag of chips, knocked off the bowls & spoons from our dinner (he LOVES spoons/forks & has collected somany of them upstairs that I thought we were losing them!) & get this one- pulled an entire bowl of taco soup (don't worry, it was cold because yet again when I sit down to eat, Lukas needs to be fed) onto himslef & the floors WHICH I JUST CLEANED! Not looking forward to when he starts walking as much as I am looking forward to it! Watch out world, here he comes!

Lukas had some white on his tongue while my family was here but since he is a spitter, it always looks like left over. Well I started noticing it creeping up his tongue on Friday night it was all over. I hadn't thought about what it could be until after the doctor had closed... It wasn't affecting him eating so we decided to ride out the weekend... by Monday morning it was all over! Poor guy... So I called to get an appointment- The whole base had training all day & then of course Veteran's day was yesterday so they were closed til today... So I got a referral for urgent care & tried to take him... Not a single urgent care takes babies under 4mo except the nighttime pediatric one... so @5pm I had to take him... He is on nystatin liquid 3x a day & I have a cream I have to use on me before he feeds... it has since cleared up & is getting better, YAY! He surprisingly weighed in at 10lbs 3oz with clothes & a full diaper so probably around 10lbs. I guess he is doing well!

Last week was CRAZY! Monday Kevin didn't work very long, Tuesday he ended up getting to get off early because Wednesday from8am-4pm he had a class (which got out @ 12) & then Thursday night he was on the crew that got to go home early & Friday his squadron had their annual Thanksgiving Feast @ 130 so he got off @ around 630ish. Monday (as in 2 days ago) was base wide training so he had to go in @ 730am & was off by 3 & then of course yesterday he had off. So as you can see though he worked, he didn't work... However, tonight his jet is seriously broke & he will not be home til around midnight or later.

Once Lukas Started the nystatin, he slept soooo good. That night I went to bed when he did & either I was really out of it or he slept from 10ish-230ish. YAY for me... but then last night it was every 2hrs again!

About 2months ago Kevin accidentally dropped his phone in the toilet, luckily it was under warranty so he got it replaced for free & then the other day he couldn't view his pictures without the phone resetting so they are sending him a new one... But then Saturday or someday soon after he went to pull out his phone to text me & it reset but got stuck on the verizon start up screen. So he is now on phone replacement #2!

& about the cat... yeah random & not something we will try again!

& the enduro is a motorcycle Kevin's dad bought but never rode so he brought it down for KEvin to either ride or sell. WE have had it listed on Craigslist for about 3wks & a guy came on Sunday morning & bought it for $800! YES!!!

Tis all for this week... More to come next week!

PS- I learned how to digital scrapbook! SOOOO FUN!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A lot can happen in 3 years!

Make sure you read all 3 posts! I had a lot to say!

  • Get married-check, November 4th, 2005
  • Get sealed-check, Novemeber 11th, 2006
  • Have a baby-Check, Brok Grant Beal, March 23rd, 2007
  • Join the Air Force-Check, May 8, 2007
  • Move to Phoenix for our first assignment-check, Oct 2007
  • Have another baby- check, Lukas Eli Beal, Oct 3, 2008
  • Enjoy an anniversary?

Well if you can't tell, today is Kevin & my's anniversary... We have been married for 3 years today... We have had our ups & downs but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have the best husband. He works so hard at a job he doesn't care for just so I can stay home with our boys. He treats me like a queen & puts up with all my complaining. He doesn't dwell on my not so keen house keeping skills or cooking skills. He is AMAZING. I love you Kevin!

We didn't get to spend much of an anniversary together because my family just left this morning & he had to take a nap so he can work this new shift (swings which are good on some days & bad on others, like tonight) and he won't be home til probably around 4am or maybe earlier/later. (*he actually got to come home early because he has a class tmomrrow) However, one of the best parts of having my family visit is that I actually feel somewhat comfortable leaving my children with them... I mean I feel good about it but it is wierd to leave Lukas & Brok... Up until I had Lukas the longest I had ever been away from Brok was when he spent the night at my friend Heather's. He was 17mo old & I had been apart from him for maybe 4hrs total, if that. Well since it was our anniversary & since we knew it would be a while before we got to do it again... I left BOTH my boys with my mom. We went to dinner at Applebee's & it was delicious... Wierd but very good to get away. That was nice... Kevin also let me get a few new pieces of clothing. I say let because I won't allow myself to spend the money I would rather spend it on the boys. I found out that I am a size smaller than before I got pregnant (YAY!) and that I look good in heels & can actually walk & function in them. I am a flip flop girl all the way but I look really young. People thought my sister was Lukas's mom & she's only 17...

Anyway... here are our pictures from 3yrs ago & from today... my have things changed... if we had only known then what we know now... I would do it all over again! My life is WONDERFUL! THEN... Wow I was skinny & young looking...


Lukas is 1 Month old!

Make sure to read all of my posts! I have a bunch today!

I can't believe it's been a month since he joined our lives... I remember when Brok was this age thinking aobut Kevin leaving & feeling like I wanted another baby soon but with Lukas, I feel complete... it's kind of wierd... I Love this little guy... he is so sweet & still so much of a baby (Brok was over 11lbs by this point) that I don't have those baby blues missing the sweetness.

This past month hasn't brought much change from him, he only weighs like 8.5 lbs, if that maybe a bit more but is long.
Things he LOVES:
  • his binky, I think I have 4 of them & he will go at it if I put it in his mouth.
  • his mom- she feeds him, she loves him & she can't handle letting him cry! :)
  • His blankey- my kids LOVE their blankets & they have their own type
  • laying on my back massage cushion-he's in 7th heaven
  • EATING- every hour, on the hour except from 9pm-midnight & 3-5am where he sleeps. However, the 3-5 block he has to be on my chest
  • his swing- he hangs out in there when I need an extra hand! Thanks for that gift with Brok aunt becky!

Things he HATES:

  • his cradle-not sure if its the movement but he is not diggin it lately... he'll sleep for about an hour in it, eat then sleep again... can't tell if it's cause he's hungry or what...
  • his car seat, but only with the strap things on it... they hug his face too close & he can't move his head
  • the fan, he likes to look at it but not lay under it like Brok did.
  • FORMULA- this kid is not diggin it.
  • his feet confined-i.e. footie pajamas
  • swaddling, unless it's loose- again the foot thing
other than that he is a pretty easy baby... We will definately keep him! Enjoy the pictures! I certainly do. My mom did a great job!!!!

Halloween & a fun weekend!

This was such a fun year! Last year Brok was a dragon but he was still too small to really get it & no that he did this year but he had fun walking around with his Auntie Brooke & LOVED eating the candy!

We tried to get him to dress up as the alligator as originally planned but he wasn't having that.... so here are my pictures wrestling an alligator LOL. Then we tried to make him a football player but got as far as getting the black under his eyes & he wasn't going for it so eventually he became a clown... my little brothers all wore this costume when they were Brok's age, so it's over 20yrs old!

Lukas was just cute in his little "This is my costume" shirt & witch hat. Kevin & I dressed up as a vampire & Countess but we never got good pitures. Oh well, I looked retarded!
My family got here on Friday afternoon & my sisters helped Brok carve a pumpkin. He wouldn't reach into the pumpkin but liked playing in the guts in a bowl.

It was good to have my family visit & stay for more than a weekend. They got to go out to the flight line with Kevin on Monday & they loved it. I think my dad was in 7th heaven! Here are some pictures from that day. When you are within like 10ft or something of a running jet you need to have ear protection on (trust me, it's worth it) & I was going to try to get out there with Brok but he wasn't having the ear things. However, Lukas was not bothered at allby the ear things. Brok also did not like the loud noise of the jets... But what's new...
If you can't see, that is Kevin's name on the inside of the jet. How cool is that?

Other than that it was good to have my family here becuase they gave us a break from always being with the kids. They helped with diapers, feedings & holdings so we could enjoy our days (not that we don't already but sometime it gets mundane) My mom also helped me make some easy meals & freeze them for the times when I don't have time to cook! (like everyday) I even made one tonight, stir fry with rice which was AMAZING! I am not a chef but I do like to eat homemade food!