Monday, November 26, 2007

Life is so CRAZY!

This past week or so has been so incredibly crazy! I feel like all we do is run, run run!!! But it has been so fun & keeping us preoccupied & makeing time fly! Brok finally learned to sit up alone! He is a little slow as far as that kind of stuff but I know he can do it just he doesn't. but he finally learned. And then to top that off, on Thanksgiving he cut his first tooth. So he's getting there. He is so fun!

As far as the rest of life... I have been working like crazy, really I have worked so much! But that's ok I guess. Kevin graduates on Wed (YAY!!!) and then he does in processing but we get to go home this weekend!!! yay!!! He is really good at his job & he really likes it. Besides sitting up & getting a tooth, Brok has just been chilling... He really is such an easy baby (until he gets a tooth) and is pretty content to just hang out!

We had a good thanksgiving with some friends of Kevin's from school. I made a huge turkey cause we expected a bigger crowd so now we have tons of left overs! Not to mention that there are pies, chips, etc that didn't get eaten! But it was fun for having been our first without family.

We also had a bbq with some friends we made here that he has the same job as Kevin & they have a little one who is only 3weeks older than Brok. We love getting the boys together even though they really don't know why there is another thing there. this is the tops of the boys heads, they were concentrated on the toy!!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday & GUESS WHAT? We will be home this weekend!!!!


Marcus and Shelly said...

Oh going home is the best! I'm going home in a couple weeks and its all I can think about. I'm so glad that he likes his job and is doing so well at it. Is he graduating from college or tech school?