Monday, February 18, 2008

What a fun weekend!

So Kevin & I have wanted to get a new 4-wheeler or something since our BRAND NEW ONE got smushed right after Brok was born but between all the moves & having a baby, our thoughts shifted to a sand rail or dune buggy... Well this weekend we finally took one step forward & made a purchase... This guy out in Globe, AZ (a 2 & a half hour drive for us) had the perfect project to both keep Kevin busy on the weekends & to (hopefully) get us out & about... Some old man welded the frame together from a bunch of old vehicles he had sitting... personally, I think it looks cool but It will be even better when we get it able to go play in... It runs, has all the parts it needs except a bench seat for the baby, new seat belts for us & a clutch linkage... Kevin set a goal for ASAP it to be able to play in & I promised not to bug him but I did tell him that if it sits for more than a month with no progress (meaning not even thinking about it) I will bug... When it's done it will be so fun... & it's almost street legal so we plan to get it registered so we can just leave from the house & go play... Here are a few pictures of the "toy".

And we also had fun going to garage sales this weekend, we actually made out well! I got some scrapbook supplies (new stamps, some papers & embellishments), a new Jeep Jogger stroller for Brok (ok & to hopefully motivate me to get out), we went to one house that the people had been forclosed & they left so much stuff, one of those wooden shelf things with the plastic colored bins & some really nice white shadow boxes with matching picture frames& Kevin got a small toolbox & a large one for... FREE!!!! how cool huh?

We also got busy painting the house, I was so tired of white eggshell walls so I found some nice brownish paint for the living room wall & we got to work! I wasn't so sure it would turn out well but I actually really like it. Most of our stuff in that room is cherry wood or black & the contrast is awesome... Kevin got me framed pictures from our wedding in really nice matching frames for Valentine's day so we hung those too... I didn't really get him anything, I blew up like 50 balloons & decorated his car!

As for Brok... well he has been sick this weekend, fevers, & cough but seems to be feeling a little better. We went to lunch today (neither of us had to work) at Golden Corral & you should have seen him stuff his face! I had him in the high chair across the table from us & gave him some roll to start & he was so excited he looked like he had ants in his pants. He also had some oyster crackers (those hexagon shaped ones), baked potato, peaches, pineapples, lemon bars & ice cream as well as a biter biscuit which he proceeded to shove in his mouth & choke on... I also gave him a cookie & his eyes got so big when I put it in front of him! He is learning to put things in his mouth so good... I gave him a rock to see what he would do with it & well, it ended up in his mouth!!! What a charater! He is the best kid & We are so lucky to have him in our lives! I love hearing him babbly & when he gets so excited to see me! It is so much fun being a mom! Who knew!