Thursday, June 19, 2008

Home again! (sorry long)

We had such a good "vacation" if you call it that (why is it called a vacation when all we do is go, go, go no matter how long we take off!) but it was so fun to get home & see family.

We started our trek on Sunday the 8th to head to vegas for a few days to greet my brother as he got home & it was a pretty good drive, except it seems like it takes so much longer to get there than to get home! Brok was ok, as long as he was asleep or stuffing his face. We got there & had fun with everyone...
Monday I got to go get my hair done by my friend Lindsey Duffy (we have known each other for so long & then she married a guy Kevin went to high school with) who is like the only person I trust to do my hair... It was... fun, I got a perm but we used bendy rods so it pulled so hard & then by the time it was done & the stuff was on, it hurt worse than ever & we couldn't get the bag over! So that was fun... She had also added some lightened strands just to give it flavor... It was good because Brok & her little girl Lizzie slept the whole time until about 10min to the end. Overall, it turned out good & I love it, now I am forced to do my hair instead of just a ponytail or braid everyday... Kevin went bowling (his new favorite hobby) with my brothers & did pretty good...
Tuesday was pretty fun, I can't remember a whole lot except I delivered letters to a lady & made signs for my brother... then around 6ish that night we went to the airport to wait for my brother to get home! He arrived at the airport around 730 (it was a long day for him because instead of flying out of the airport where he was, a plane had crashed (he said fell off the airport) so they had to drive to a different airport on a bus to catch a plane there but he got lucky & got first class the whole way!) & to be honest, if my parents hadn't been walking with him, I wouldn't have recognized him! He is so skinny! He is a big guy, about 6ft 3in or so & before he left he was over 200lbs when he left but now I would say between 150 & 180. He thinned out a lot! Plus he looked more mature & older! It was good to see him & introduce him to Brok, since I got pregnant after he left. When we got home, it was funny to see how the dogs all reacted to him a well! My parent's dog meli who they have had for close to 6 yrs wouldn't come near him, even after he changed out of the suit. She would cower in the corner & hide... My dogs who have never seen him, & who usually bark were so excited & anxious to see him! it was funny.
Wednesday we headed to Utah to visit all those up there & it was beautiful weather! Compared to our 110+ here the whole week we were gone, it was like 80-85 & we spent tons of time outside on the grass in the shade @ Kevin's parents. Brok loves the grass & was soooo good there. It was so nice there that when we decided to go swimming in the hotel pool, it was too cold for me & Kevin but Brok wanted to get in so bad so Kevin braved it & took him... We spent time visiting with friends & family & really enjoyed the time we had there.
Back to vegas on Saturday, we spent the rest of our time there to hear my brother speak. We were originally supposed to leave Tuesday but decided Sunday to go home on Monday evening so we could have all day Tuesday to get moved in... So we ended up leaving Monday @ around 8pm & got home around 1am..
Tuesday we moved into the new house... Well we moved our beds, TV, & necessities for the next few days... It was quite the day, starting when we got up around 8ish & went to load the cars in already 90degree weather. HOT! We get our Kingsized bed strapped to the roof of kevin's jeep & everything loaded to go... Kevin starts his jeep & I pull out waiting for him to go first. He forgot his wallet so he turns off the jeep & when he tries to start it again, it won't... so he takes out the battery & we take it to be charged (sounds a little less stressful than what it realy was like) & pray that is what is wrong... We take my load in, wait for the battery to charge & then hook it back up... It works! YAY! so we get our beds to the new house & get situatated... Everything was going so good... Until we woke up yesterday & he went to leave for work only to find it won't start... Apparently his alternator needs to be replaced... YAY for us...

But the day did get better, I got errands run, hooked up our cable & internet & then we got to take a break & go to his bowling league... & Guess what! Kevin was 1 strike from a perfect game! He scored a 290 on his first game back! You can bet that for as excited as he was, he was very upset it wasn't perfect & now claims it will haunt him forever!

there will be pictures of all this fun in a few days once I get settled & can get the pictures loaded! thanks for reading & it was good to see everyone!


Tasha Stout said...

It sounds like a busy trip! I agree with you an the vacation thing when all you do is run! you have to go home to get any rest! I hope you guys had fun and I wish that we could have been down there to see you!