Sunday, February 1, 2009

This past week

Not too much going on here-

We went to the zoo with our mommy & Me group- tons of fun for Brok & the kids!

Brok did really well at his first real session with the OT- He spent a while in a swing that is like a sheet Tied up at the top & he loved it- he swung him for about 5 min in a linear motion then did big circles & then smaller ones while doing big ones- which he loved! Then they bounced on a big ball & did some puzzles & did a teeter totter activity where they helped him balance. Once they did that about 40-45 min into his session they finished with swinging on a swing that is a 3x3ft square board- he just did a half circle motion & Brok was screaming for a long time then all the sudden- SILENCE! He had calmed down! He did that for the rest of the session & then Brok & him went over & HE LET HIM PUT ON HIS SHOES- no fighting, no screaming, just calm- it was amazing! & for the next 2-3hrs he was so peaceful & content to just sit! It was AMAZING! We now have him on what they called a sensory stimulation input diet- every 2 hrs when we can we do 15min of sensory input and then read a book or something- this has worked a little- he LOVES to spin in the computer chair & bounce on the trampoline- I am so excited now! I can see that there is hope!

On a side note- Look at these pictures of Brok- I put the boppy on the floor to give lukas some tummy time & by the time I got him on the floor Brok had grabbed his pink ant book (Thanks Athena!) and sat in between the boppy to read! So CUTE!

Lukas also had an exciting week! He started solid food today & as far as I can tell LOVES it! I fed him carrots & rice cereal- I am so proud of myself! I got a coupon for $1 off 4 jars of beechnut food & they were 40cents each at Wal Mart so I got 4 jars for 20 cents! WOOHOO for me! Anyway- he had a blast eating it- though he wasn't too sure at first- I think he enjoyed it! I am excited to see how that will affect his sleeping pattern! He also let my mom feed him a bottle of formula- just a little but enough to know I can maybe have hope to go out without a baby! & Another first was the jumperoo- he LOVED it- doesn't know how to do the toys but he will stare at Brok playing with the toys- they are so cute together!

My brother Casey also moved in with us this weekend- He is 20 & needed to move out of my parents house- this was good because my parents & little sis got to come down for the weekend & my wonderful photographer of a mom got some super cute shots of Lukas! It makes me so sad that he is growing up but to me he stll seems so small! We have his 4mo appt Thursday but I don't hink he has grown too much. He is SOOOO tiny! He still wears NB pants & 0-3 onsies- Check out this one that I made him!

anyway- besides that we haven't done really anything- had a super bowl party- the cards lost- oh well- woulda been cool but it's all good! Maybe next year!

PS check out my new skils on the sewing machine- I made this for our friend's little girl who just turned 2 today! Her name is Emma!


Telsha said...

How fun! Nice job on the sewing machine. I got one for Christmas and still have yet to sew anything on it. Those pics are adorable.