Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update again & another giveaway!

Ok- I know 3 posts in 2 days! Wow! Read the other posts!

so here's the stats:
Lukas-6mo on April 3rd so today is 6mo & 12days
weighs in at 14lb, 14oz (& he even nursed & had a jar of food prior to going!)- in the 10th%
is 26in long 50%
his head is 17.9cm circumference- which is actually rather large 50-75%

This man is skinny! & my doctor is insane- he told me to feed him steak, eggs, cheese... all the things that I have forever been told not to feed a baby under age 1- so I won't because I googled it & even though steak would be fine if cut up teeny tiny- egg whites are not & yolks are not until age 8-9mo. & cheese is not good in large quantities... Anyway

And for the giveaway- check it out- not my things but I am hosting it! very cute items from extrememly talented mamas!


The Troxell's said...

Ashley, how far away is Prescott from where you live? I 'm going to need a friend if we decide to move there. I wont know what to do without family around. So we might have to have a girls night once every month or two.