Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My favorite Diaper

Ok I have to give a shout out to my favorite diapers ever!

Did you know that the average disposable diaper stays in a landfill for 500years?

Gdiapers are a great alternative to disposables & cloth- they are a super cute cover found in a variety of colors, with a snap in nylon liner & have the option to use a cloth insert or a flushable insert- which can also be just tossed- without the guilt of leaving it for 500 years! These inserts are comparable in price to disposables & are great if you aren't sure you want to do cloth but are tired of the leaks from disposables, the perfumes & the chemicals!

I have a great promotion going on right now- They have this great everyday pack of 6 covers- 3 vanilla & 3 orange that is offered for $70- which is still a great price- but I have a code that will take $30 off! That means you get 6 covers for $40! That is less than $7/cover! These are great for everyday use, or to test if you will like them! That great code is


I can also offer anyone who emails me letting me know they used my code, a $2 off coupon- you can take these to your local Babies R Us & get $2 off any product- There is a limited amount available so the first 10 to email will recieve them!

I Absolutely LOVE my gdiapers- they are seriously the best thing ever! So versatile & what a great way to start being more greeen!


RockMyFriday!com said...

Sweet! Thanks for the code! They're usually so expensive.