Sunday, January 10, 2010

what have we been up to?

Just about everything! I will post pictures later so sorry this will be boring!

~Kevin & I celebrated 4 years of marriage. We didn't get to go out, but we were able to enjoy some alone time after the kidlets went to bed & he surprised me with taking the night off to spend with me.
~We enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving at home just the 4 of us. It was fun and we enjoyed the family time.
~Lukas officially started walking- he's been walking for a while but during november, he officially decided he could walk like Bubba.
~We all had the flu, the swine flu & your common cold for several days. It was horrible!

~We decided to spend Christmas at home, instead of visiting family. It was a lot of fun & we made some good memories as a family! The boys loved all their presents & we loved having a stress free (or relatively) holiday!
~We also made a decision to move into a cheaper rental home. We weren't really in the market to move, but couldn't pass up this deal! (more details to follow)
~We were able to go to the Insight Bowl on New Year's Eve. The boys loved going and watching all the people, especially the band!
~We marked 2 years since we were told that Brok was autistic the first time @ 9months old. What a great 2 yrs is has been.
~Kevin went back to working day shift. This was a major adjustment!

So far this year:
~We were able to march in the Fiesta Bowl parade! Kevin volunteered to march & be a part of it & spouses/family were invited to join in with. We had a blast walking & being a part of something so cool!
~Brok went to stay with Granny & Grandpa (Ashley's parents) for 9 days (he comes back tomorrow & we are so excited!)
~We MOVED~!!! This house is awesome! It's only half mile from our old house, but is out of the HOA, cheaper rent & the most awesome backyard! It is 5bd 3 bath 2100 sq ft. Yes, we just can't stay in one place that long, although we were in our last house for a year & a half. It has in the backyard, a basketball court, a swingset/jungle gym, 2 sheds, a garden, grass & a place for an above ground pool. This house is such a great layout as well & we are happy that the move is over!

That is what we have been up to these past few months! once we get everthing hooked up right, I will post pictures!

~~ As a little extra note- my mom sent this to me & I loved it so I wanted to post it here for all you to read!

***How an Autistic Child Thinks:
Nobody can see my disability. I look just like every other kid-attractive, walking, making sound's. They can't see how my neurons are scrambled in my brain. They can't see the misconnections between the left and right brain. Nobody can see I have autism.
Nobody can see that my body is sick. No one can see that my stomach is in knots from my digestive system not working. No one can that my body and mind are starving because my cells don't make the right enzymes to digest food. No one see that I suffer from low blood sugar because I can't properly metabolize nourishment.
No one can see that my body is attacking its own nerve cells from auto-immune dysfunction. No one can see that mercury lead and arsenic cannot be excreted from my body, so it keeps building up in my brain. No one understands that my body cannot tolerate normal enjoyments for children, like bright, vivid colors and loud noises. I desperately want to be a kid and enjoy these things, but my body just won't let me.
But everyone can see how inappropriate my behavior can be when I am out in public. Everyone can see how immature I can be compared to other kids my age. Everyone sees the 2-year old tantrums when things have been too overwhelming for me. Everyone sees my frustration from trying to cope.
Everyone sees my screaming and fighting. Everyone just assumes I'm being bad, not that my body hurts, my eyes are in pain from colors, my ears ring with loud noises not heard by others.
Everyone sees my tantrums when I don't get my way. No one sees that I can't explain my fear when I think I'm not being understood. Everyone may see my screams when my mom takes something away from me. No one can see that having something of comfort can keep my fears under control for me, and taking it away makes my nerves explodes in anxiety.
No one understands how hard I have to work to keep my behaviors from reacting to the chemical imbalances in my body that makes me feel horrible. No one can see that, no matter how hard I try, sometimes I cannot control it. No one can see the shame I feel after I've had a meltdown from my body's problems.
What they don't see I am a person. I have feelings and want to be loved and accepted like everyone else. What they don't see is that, when they look at me like I need a good spanking; I understand that I'm not capable of controlling my body.
What they don't see is that I scream because I don't know how to say "HELP ME"
What they don't see is that I hear every ugly word they say, but for the life of me, I can't make my mouth say what I'm feeling. But they don't see that as a disability. They say I am unmanageable. They say I am a problem.
But I am not a problem. I HAVE AUTISM. My mom has taken me to more doctors and specialist than you can ever imagine. She's read more books and done more research on my disease than parents would ever want. She has tried special diet, supplements, drugs and various metabolic therapies. She has PRAYED for GUIDANCE and asked for discernment on how to help my body. And behaviors, OH YES, has she tried everything to help my behavior.
Stop telling her all I need is a spanking. If spanking would stop all this, my mom would gladly exchange my disability for a spanking. She knows better than all of you what I need to help me, and what we both need is your understanding, not ignorance.
I just want to be accepted and understood. No blamed and ashamed, I want to be appreciated for my gifts. I do have some if you look more closely. I want to be cared for as a person. I want you to care, even when I act like I don't.
I want to be respected, just like you do. I want you to respect my mom and dad for all the hard work they have done to help me try to lead a normal a life as possible. I want you to respect my family and all the struggles we have to endure because of our love for each other.
I want to be LOVED like any other child. And need you to role model respectful behavior for me so I can be respectful too. I want you to love me just like God would.


<3 Marie said...

i totally give you props. it would be so hard to have a child with autism. i feel like telling people off when they make comments about tuckers tantrums. just keep doing what your doing. god has trusted you with a very special spirit.

Jessica said...

Thanks for the share.
Also, Your house and yard sound AWESOME, trying not to feel jealous;)