Monday, December 31, 2007

The New year

As I sit here and wait for it to change to the year 2008 I am looking back on this year & feel blessed for all that has happened to me.
*I have the best family in the world, extended & our little growing family. My husband is so amazing & he works so hard to provide for us. We are so blessed to have the time & the money to be able to hang out together. I am also so amazed as I look at out life when we started this family 2 years ago... I never could have imagined the joy that I would find in Brok's little laughs or how much more I have fallen in love with Kevin since he was born. He is the greatest dad & he loves him so much. The look on Brok's face when he sees us makes everything I went through so worth it!!! He is a blessing! I am also grateful that I have some of the best parents ever. They taught me how to be the wife & mother that I am today. Mom, you are one of my heros. I don't know how you ever did it with all of us at once!!! You are a great support to me & I am grateful for that. I also have the greatest siblings! I never knew that my brothers & I would ever get along so well! & Tash, well who knew that we would be so close? Brooke, you are always there to help with Brok & you are such a great aunt even though you didn't want a nephew!!! :)
*I have some of the greatest friends in the world. I never see half of them anymore as I live so far away but I know that when I need to, I generally can call anyone up and talk to them! Thanks you guys for supporting me & allowing me to be the person that I am! Camille, you have been such a good friend from the day that I met you! I know that we will always be friends! You are all such great examples to me!!!
*I am blessed to have found the perfect job for me right now. My boys are the cutest kids & are so much fun! I love working with them. They make me smile! Brok loves them too & I am grateful that She found me! We are blessed that we get to go to work together! Also that Kevin gets to come hang out with us!!!
*Pets... who knew that they could be the greatest companions!!! Actually, I love my dogs, they are so cute & loving.
I am so looking forward to the joys that this year will bring our family!!! Brok's 1st birthday & all the milestones he will accomplish (hopefully) & all the fun we will have. We are also going to be purchasing our first home, doing the landscaping in our backyard & actually staying in one place long enough to make friends that we won't have to leave!!!
This year has definately been one of new experiences & adventures (moving across the country with 2 dogs & a 3 month old in only my Ford Focus!!!) and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Those of you that have touched my life this year, wether briefly or for greater amounts of time, I thank you!!!
I hope next year can keep up with this year! Happy new YEar!!!


Steve & Camille Jennings said...

You made me teary Ashley...Thank-you! You are such a wonderful person, friend, example, and daughter of God. I love you and hope that all is well with you and your family. You will be in my prayers.