Thursday, January 31, 2008


I just had to say that I finally got some time off!!! My boss worked something like 90+ hours or something last week so she took today & tomorrow off to spend time with her boys... Which left me with the day free! YEAH!!!!

So we go to register Kevin's new jeep today as well as transfer the bullet bike registration & ha... what a joke!!! the people we bought the jeep from had never transferred the title to their name (even though it was registered to them, now how does that work?) & had put her driver's license number in the lien holder box... anyway so now we have to get her to sign a title error form in front of a notory or MVD staff member, then she has to sign a power of attorney to transfer the title to her name & pay $28 since she didn't do it before (you have 30 days from the sign over date & that was end of Aug so it's a $4/month fee + the actual $4 fee) & then get the title to her name before we can even get a title for it... talk about a pain in my rear!!! Not only do they live over an hour across town, when the guy we bought it from called the MVD before we bought it, they said we could register it without that.. oh well, at least it's still current on registration.... So then we tried to register the bike since it expires today... Yeah... We don't have the current registration, it got lost somewhere in the move but have the insurance but to transfer it to Arizona we need 1 of 3 things: a copy of the current title from the lien holder, the current registration or the renewal ticket from utah, none of which we had... so I spent the afternoon talking to the bank trying to get the title faxed... Talk about a pain in the butt... wouldn't they be able to just look up the plate & see it's us on the registration & do it that way? For real!!!!

Other than that, well nothing new this week... Just being bored since Kevin's been working... Oh Brok fell out of his stroller (I know I sound like such a bad mom) at Target... He experienced his first bit lip & I experienced 2 things, the first blood from the babe & pure outrage towards someone... I was with my friend & she had put him back in but didn't close the buckle well enough & he was mad & wiggling & he just slid right out... it was pretty much all I could do not to scream at her, but I knew he was fine & she was so shook up about it that she called at like 1130 that night to make sure he was ok...

Well that is all for the Beal family tonight... Miss you all!