Thursday, May 7, 2009

Has it really been almost a month?

Wow... I really need to be better at this...

This month in highlight:

  • Brok took 2 steps by himself, none intentionally since then
  • Brok can't have any fruit juice :(
  • Lukas is a pro roller-over-er
  • Brok has a new bedtime of 730-8pm- MARVELOUS
  • Both boys wake up at 6am- every morning, on the dot, no matter what
  • I celebrated 1 year in business (& am doing another fun giveaway! check it out!)
  • Heather & I get together most weeks at least once a week
  • I moved my sewing stuff to the downstairs room
  • Kevin found out his AMU is moving down the flight line & that he is staying in it while other friends are switching to new ones.
  • Lukas turned 7mo & is trying to crawl
  • Brok has discovered he loves Bananas & Honey nut Cheerios & frozen burritos
  • We got Harley, another min pin
  • We are now on speech therapist #2 & DSI #2 for Brok (2nd times a charm?)

Pretty much this month has just been busy... Nothing exciting but a lot of busy-ness...

We have had to cut out all juice from Brok. He got an extremely bad rash that wouldn't go away so we decided to cut out the first thing that has always caused the rash... Well unfortunately it went away & hasn't come back so he can't have any more juice. He has also been switched to soy milk becuase of the same reason :( Also, his EI & speech therapists weren't workng out with us so we are once again starting over there! We just have bad luck with the first round! Brok is such a goof- he makes us laugh all the time! His new favorite thing is see thorugh stuff- he has learned that he can see thorugh anything that is relatively clear & we see him knee walking around with a plate on his face! Boy do we love him! Yesterday I came down the stairs & he had found some gum I had bought a week ago & was chewing a huge wad! Like he knew what gum was! What a nut!

Lukas is such an easy going baby... He is happy to be on the floor & play, he is happy to go down when it's nap time... Just very mellow. He has seemed to grow up this month, he looks more like a little boy vs a baby... Which is ok- he is still babyish to me! He is still extremely tiny, especially around his waist but this child can move! He has learned to scoot himself (almost army crawl but not quite) to get what he wants or to roll to get to it. He is pushing up on his hands & toes (like a pushup) & has realized he can fling his body forward that way. He has also learned to feed himself Cheerios- Brok & he will sit on the floor together & eat them. Cute! He has this new game he likes to play where he will push his body up as high as he can while in bed & peek-a-booing over the rail. It's so cute! This child has won my heart! I can't get enough!

I am busy as ever... just trying to get everything ready for my new stores opening on Hyena Cart (Simply Serendipity & Breath of Fresh Air Congos). Instead of doing strictly customs, I will now have a stock of items on hand... IT shoud be fun...

Besides that, there isn't much to mention... Harley is such a fun dog- he is so good! We love him!