Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am grateful

I am grateful today... I dont' know why today or what made me feel so grateful today because it hasn't been the best day really but I am grateful!

I am grateful that I get to stay home with my kids but that I get to be my own boss & have this fun business on the side! I am grateful EVERYDAY for this business. It has done SOOOOO much better than what I had dreamed! I just finished my first wholesale order (I am grateful for Sharni for that one!) & continue to have great success!

I am grateful for my kids, who constantly make me laugh. I am grateful for Lukas & his sweet little scruchy face! I am grateful for him being "normal" & easy going so that I can deal with Brok! I am grateful for the bond that we have even though sometimes I wish I had more free time to myself instead of you wanting to be held! I am grateful for the fact that you LOVE your brother! What great friends you will be! I am grateful for your little skinny chicken legs! I love you little! I am grateful for Brok- who never ever gives up! You have taught me way too much in the past 2 years! Wow... I am grateful for your special little spirit that you bring! I am so grateful that you are walking. Oh boy am I! & you are doing sooooo good! Recently we have started walking into/out of & around stores. It's awesome! I am so grateful that you are starting to copy us!!! YAY! I love you toad!

I am grateful for Kevin! I love how stupid we can be at night when we are both so tired that everything is funny! I am grateful for your hugs. I am grateful for your support & help with the boys while I work in my "cave". I am grateful that you spend 9hrs a day working at a job that maybe isnt what you dreamed of so tha we have the security of a paycheck! I love you Babe.

Life is good. I am just grateful! What a great great life I have!


Nielsen Family said...

Its so good to have those days!