Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brok's getting a.......

Baby Brother... The Long thing to the left is his little leg bone but that bump in the middle there definately looks like a little boy!

At least it appearst that way. We had our ultrasound yesterday & it was so neat! The tech was awesome & since I asked if we'd be able to see parts yet, he took the wand & looked for us... It appears that there are little boy parts there, though it's still not 100% because he has seen ones that look like it @ this early but at the actual one to find out sex it was just a swollen little girl part but we know it's a boy. I was hoping to get lucky but in KEvin's family boys are super dominant (9 including Brok to 3girls) so it's luck of the draw! We are excited either way! He is healthy & happy, just kicked back & relaxing. We got 6 pictures 5 profile & 1 of his parts & it just amazes me that we could see so much detail even though he is only 8& a half centimeters long! We got to see his brain, his teeth(inside his gums of course), his ear(or what will be his ear) his nose, his fingers, his spine, & his heart beating... even in his parts picture we saw his little leg bone! It's amazing just how little they are & yet in 9months can become an 8lb baby! We are 14wks along & that puts my due date @ Oct17th. Hopefully He comes earlier! My sister is hoping for the 2nd as that is her birthday! I'm just glad that I have 9 days less preg than I thought! LOL

Brok is very excited... I think he gets it, at least to some degree because lately he has been rubbing my belly when he cuddles with me. They will be best friend's I am sure! When we were listening to his heart, Brok stopped playing with his bead toy & just listened!

I have the pictures but my camera died so they will have to wait. Looks like we won't be needing many clothes! Except that after the 3 months clothes which Brok only wore for like 2weeks, it's mostly warm weather... oh well...