Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dr appt #1

So it was the awaited day!!!! I have been anxious to go just due to the fact that twins run in Kevin's fam (2 sisters have twins) but it was GREAT!

My doctor is super good! She was just one the military referred me to so I was a bit nervous but she was awesome! She took everything I said about my problems with Brok & had me do extra blood tests & everything so that she could keep dibs on me... She also used the little portable ultrasound machine with the tiny 6in screen to check how big the baby was (to get an idea of how far along I am, if I was 12+ weeks we can see a heart & hear the heartbeat) Well I am definately 12 weeks at least, she said it looked like a 4th month fetus not a 3rd month which could mean I might be further along than 12 or 13 weeks... We have a date & size ultrasound schedule for a week from this Sat to check everything out... I am excited that I may have less pregnancy than first thought!!! LOL anyway...

Everything was good with the baby, we didn't get to hear the heart but saw the baby. It is a mover! She couldn't get it to sit still for nothing! Finally it paused for about 30 seconds & then it lifted a tiny hand & wiggled it back & forth like it was waving! How cute! I haven't seen an ultrasound this early on in a preg before as I just had one @ 18wks with Brok so it was fun to see it! It has a big head & a big belly but definately is shaping up to be a good sized kid! (no 6lb babies for me!) If it's anything like Brok, I am in for a ride!

Brok was screaming the whole appt, we are weaning (or trying to) off the bottle especially at bed time & he is super angry with us! But while she was doing the ultrasound, he was staring at it like he was infatuated or something! It was cute... I bet they are the best of friends...

Kevin thinks that he saw some boy parts but I highly doubt it cause it was so tiny & the baby took up a lot of room but I guess only time will tell! I get to go for a taxi ride in an F-16! how cool is that!