Thursday, April 24, 2008


I just opened an Etsy store... I sell wooden letters you know that hang on the wall... So go check it out!

& I got put on a diet for this baby! I thought it was bad with Brok but this one is so much worse! He is very picky & lately I have been sooooooo sick! I get these headaches & I feel dizzy, weak & sleepy... So she put me on a... no sugar, high protein diet! I have to eat 6 small meals a day, instead of the 3 reg ones, & have tons of protien each tiem... Which is not going to be easy as I can't eat nuts... Soy nut butter she said to try so we'll see... But 100% whole grains everything from my bagels for breakfast to sandwiches... & I have had a huge craving for stew lately & now I can't just eat the rolls, it has to be healthy & I can only eat fruit but not too much cause the sugar... AH! I hope it helps cause the phenegren did not this time & I am tired of being sick!


Heidi said...

Hey Ashley! I hope the new diet is helping - sounds tough! It will be worth it though. Congrats on the will be fun to have 2 boys close together in age!