Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good Birthday!

So Friday was my birthday for those that didn't know & it was a LOT better than last year! Last year Kevin had just started classes & gotten in trouble for not having pens he needed, his belt having one little gold scratch on it, & not having his hair short enough so after spending the day alone, I had to spend the evening running his errands!

This year, I woke up to make Kevin's lunch but he didn't need me to so I just laid in bed & read! Brok woke up when the garage opened so I didn't get to sleep but he was being so good so I didn't mind. Kevin got me a pregnancy massage (I have been so sore with this guy) and a spa pedicure gift certificate so I will get those in the next few weeks!
Brok went down for an early nap because my friend from high school, Heather (Richardson) Baker & I went to lunch & the mall. She lives out in Mesa & she & her husband Kevin are so good to come to hang out with us even though it's so far away! We had a delicious lunch at Jason's Deli where I had the best turkey sandwich & tomato basil soup I have ever had! Then We hit the mall & though we didn't spend much money, I got a cute outfit for Luke @ Pumpkin Patch & a new shirt for me!

Kevin then took me to dinner where it was supposed to be a date but our babysitter (my friend that we had asked @ like noon) fell asleep & our house was for some reason super hot so Brok came with us. We ended up going to TGIFridays & it was delicious! We rented a movie & went home to find out that for some reason our AC had died! AH!!! It wouldn't have been so bad had we not had a 2-story house. Luckily, it wasn't too too hot (I remember when my parent's AC went out the summer before my senior year & it got to be over 100degrees) so I wasn't that bad but it was pretty uncomfortable. Needless to say, I was totally lethargic because the heat & fell asleep around 1030... Overall it was a good day though!

We called an AC repair guy as soon as we could in the morning yesterday & because I told them I was 7mo preg & we had a little guy, they came so fast! He crawled up in the super hot attic & found out our main curcuit board that runs the fan & ac was bad, all the relays were stuck open. So he bypassed it until we could get permission from the landlord to fix it & take it out of rent next month! Basically the fan always stays on & the AC runs normal now. It was so much better to sleep last night!!!!

As for anything else exciting... I found out I am anemic & that I MIGHT have a UTI even though I never felt any signs... That is fun tons of pills for me.
We also decided it was time for Brok to not have bottles anymore so we "threw them out" & he is trying to figure out the sippy cup thing... Which I have no patience for & I feel so bad for him but oh well huh? He also has new shoes he gets to wear that don't let him point his toes & he is getting better at pulling up to standing! YAY


Michael & Jessica Dahlquist said...

Ohh- I hate trying to survive in the heat, it makes me so grumpy. I'm glad they were able to figure out a way to keep you guys cool. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. How far apart will your cute little boys be?

Ryan and Tara said...

Sound like fun! Have you tried the sippy cups with straws? they worked great for Hannah, she still loves them!