Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our 4th of July Weekend

So Last year at this time I had just moved to Texas alone & was still getting used to the idea of living without a husband... Kevin was still in Tech school & unable to live with us except on Weekends... but at this point he still couldn't leave base at all & had to wear his camo uniform all the time except for at the dorms (yeah long sleeved HOT material & boots in the heat+humidity?) and had to march everywhere... On the 4th last year while he had the day off, they bussed all the students to Burkburnette (about 15 miles away) to watch their fireworks... but in their nice dress uniforms. I had to drive all the way out there alone & since no cell phones in uniform (at least while in school) I walked around for like an hour before I finally found him & then we had to act like we weren't married (again no PDA in uniform) & the mosquitos were ridiculous!

anyway so we thought well this year is going to be better because A) he's not in school so he got to be a normal person in "civilian clothes" & B) no mosquitos... Well turns out that our "friends" or those who appear to like us when it's convenient for them, didn't want to BBQ or go bowling (which that's what they do & it was $1 a game for part of the day) or do anything with us... not so bad right? well we just decided to spend the holiday as a family & enjoy the fact that Brok was older... Except...


So that was a discouraging factor but we thought there are so many places to see fireworks we can watch them either on base or out on our balcony... NOPE! The wind kicked up around 7pm & it's still light out so by the time we went to the base 20 min later, all the festivities & the fun had been cancelled due to the wind (I guess fire danger which I do understand but come on!) & then we get home after getting some dinner & what do you know, it's lightening out so there were NO FIREWORK shows on our side of town! :( Oh well huh...

Yesterday we got to sleep in the latest we have slept in since having Brok & spent the majority of our day helping Kevin's supervisor move (ok, I just sat there & watched but he helped) & today we went to our new ward & WOW! Already the relief society president, bishop & a few others know who we are which to us is amazing because we were in our ward in Buckeye for 7mo & the bishop asked every week if we were new...

Overall it has been a good weekend & tomorrow is "family day" for the base but Kevin has weekend duty & so he has to go in for a few hours & I am watching a little boy Brok's age for 3 hrs but it will be good to be home & relax!!!

Hope everyone had a good 4th & stayed safe!