Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Lil of this & that

So... this is going to be a "rant" of sorts because I am a little bitter!

Through this pregnancy I was shocked to not gain any weight until my 6 &1/2 mo appt & so when I 9lbs from my 5mo to my 6&1/2 mo appt I was like "sweet!"... Well the nurse practitioneer came in (this was 3wks ago) & said "oh well you gained 9lbs & since you were still a little overwieght from the 1st baby, you need to be careful what you eat & to exercise more... So I took it personally & thought she was saying I was fat (doesn't that sound like what she siad) so I honestly over the next 3wks, watched what I ate & walked as much as I could (I spent 2 days walking around the mall, took up walking to the mailbox which is around the corner, & watching a little boy Brok's age & chasing him) & I knew I was going to gain some more weight... But when I went in today I had only gained 5lbs... now that makes 14lbs over 7mo & that breaks down to 2lbs a month... which I thought was good... Except the nurse practitioner didn't think so.
This is how the conversation went:
NP: Oh, 5lbs in 3 weeks, we need to watch that.
Me: Yeah most of it is baby cause look, I am pretty much double what I was last appt
NP: I promise you, your baby didn't gain 5lbs in 3 weeks cause he is going to be only 7lbs or less when he is born.
ME(inserted hastily & very very rudely): No, try 9lbs or more, I have big babies & they run in my family.
NP: Oh well we aren't going to let him get that big
ME: Then you are going to have to get him out in about 5wks or less cause I promise he already weighs 3lbs (or close to)
NP(quickly moving onto the next subject): Let's check his heart, Oh, his little knee is poking out, it's so hard there.
ME: yeah it's been that way for 2 days
What does she do but push extremely hard on him trying to get him to move
ME: I've been trying that for 2days he's not moving, he doesn't have the room & that hurts
(she pushes more)
ME: that hurts!
NP: that's just part of being preg, it's just normal preg pains (uh-huh like I have never been preg before right?)
NP: good it's 145 (his heart), between 130-160 is good, see (holds up the little microphone thing) 145
ME: yeah I am not concerned.
NP: so let's measure your stomach now
I lay down, she measures...
NP: well he's measuring big (DUH) you are 29.5cm & you should be about 27.5cm.
ME: yeah well I have big babies, my first was 2wks early & was 9lbs
She looks @ me like I am crazy
NP: ok so we'll see you in 2wks @ 30wks, then 32, 34 & 36 wks then once a week after that. YAY you're in the 2wk appts. Let's watch that weight, 1lb a week is good, anymore than that & we get worried, also don't forget to take your iron pills, they did tell you about you being anemic right?
ME: well no, they just said get some iron, here's a prescription & go get it & what am i supposed to do? I eat well, I walk alot more than before, I can't really help how much I gain!
NP: well so they did. & you finished the antibiotic> not having anymore pains or anything?
ME: no, I never did before & if anything, It made it worse.
NP: well we like to be cautious.

SO... needless to say, I left in a bad mood, not excited at all & very frustrated about everything... I mean am I really that fat? do I look fat? really? I know that your weight should only be a certain amt for your height but seriously? & honestly, if my doctor didn't take forever for me to be seen (everytime I have seen him I waited for 2hrs) I would never see her again. I plan on talking to the doc about it because that it ridiculous!!!! So now I am afraid to go to the doc because I don't want her to tell me I am fat again... My blood pressure & sugar are ok so it's not affecting that...

Anyway, Thanks for letting me rant...

Good news here-Brok is now off the bottle totally & sleeping 10+hrs @ night... He is also doing well with his early intervention therapy. He pulls himself up on me & tries to everywhere else, he is just not sure how, or maybe it's not the how... I want to get inside his little brain... He is just so stinking cute! I love him to death!
I also got swamped last week with orders, 15!!!! It was amazing & I am slowly working on getting them all done!


Jessica said...

ARRHH! That doesn't sound like a very good NP, she is working with pregnant people for crying out loud!!! My nurse practitioner and doc never even mention my weight unless I ask- and last pregnancy I had gained about 20 lbs by my 17th week.
Sounds like you are trying to stay healthy, that is good. From what I have read, even if you have baby weight from a previous baby you are still suppose to gain the recommended 25-35 lbs for the current pregnancy. (What to expect when you are expecting.) Try to develop a tough exterior I guess. GOOD LUCK!

Nielsen Family said...

Yeah and we totally know that AF docs are just the best right? I loved my German doc...I gained 45 lbs and he didn't care as long as my blood pressure wasn't high!

Heather and EJ said...

Wow She was a jerk! Now I haven't experienced the whole being prego thing...but gaining the weight you have while being pregnant sounds lower than normal! Don't worry girl..that lady is just unhappy it sounds like. Maybe she needs a happy pill. :)