Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Exciting Week for us!

What A week it has been!

Brok & I have been really busy between babysitting again, M, Tu, Th, F & teaching English again that we haven't had any time to just SIT! I got another student added to my group so we have 3 kids, 14, 16 & 18yrs old. It doesn't feel like they are learning anything but I guess they are becasue he invited the 3rd student! Anyway it has been very very busy!

Kevin also has been busy this week. On Wed he took the final part of his big CDC test before he takes the BIG one. It has been a rough 5 months for him, studying hard & reading over 1500pages of information about the most boring things. But it will advance him from a 3level to a 5 level.

I had a doc appt this week as well & you will all be glad to know that I only gained 1lb. Baby Luke kicked her really hard when she was trying to measure my stomach so hard that her hand slipped off. SErves her right for calling me fat! LOL.

We also had an eventful weekend. Brok has been using just a normal sippy cup for about a month now & it's been great but he isn't so good at holding it up enough to get a drink so he's been having to lay down to drink it. Well this weekend we decided to try the kind with a straw that you have to bite to suck... At first it was *@!! becasue he just kept screaming but then we handed it to him all the sudden & he figured it out. Never have you seen a more excited child. He got the biggest grin on his face & he was so happy! It rocks becasue he can sit up to drink it & he can drink in the carts at the store! He loves it.

I also decided it was time for a hair cut for him... he was fairly bald when he was born, with only a mohawk of hair coming from his 2 calicks in the back of his head so this was #1 & I think it was more upsetting for him than me. I didn't want to get rid of his cute baby hair but it was over 3in long & starting to hang over his ears. So out came the buzzers & his hair is now about 1/8in long thanks to dad's messing up the clippers! But he is sure looking like a big boy now! I was amazed at how long it was & then at how blonde it was in comparison to Kevin's becasue as soon as Brok was done it was time for Kevin's. You'll see the contrast!
He also learned how to give kisses & that he really likes KEvin's nasty Sweet Chili Lime Doritos a lot!

Hopefully this week is a slower one (but it won't be) and that we can take a break!

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Tasha Stout said...

WOW!! it sounds like you guys are really busy! Hope everything is going well!!

Makenzie & Jordan said...

You are one crazy busy girl!!

Nielsen Family said...

Wow I dont know how you do it all! And yeah chili lime doritos dont sound very good!