Saturday, August 30, 2008

Not so long of a week

This week was, well not so long :)
Monday we took our car to a mechanics shop right around the corner, which everyone recommended to us & they gave us a quote for what it would be to fix everything- $1400. Which is better than $1700-2200 right? Luckily Kevin's parents were eager to help out with that. So they took it apart & got it to the engine shop & I called to keep the rental for longer.
Tuesday Kevin woke up so many times in the night with really bad diarrhea & stomach cramps feeling super nauseous. He couldn't eat & was def in a lot of pain. So he called in sick, which in the Air Force requires you to go to the urgent care clinic... So he went & was put on quarters, or was quarentined to the house for 24hrs with viral gastroenteritis. Yippee for me, Brok also had that. The shop called & told me that our cylinder had a 4000th of an inch crack in it so it had to be machined & that was going to be an extra $130.
Wednesday they woke up feeling better, but I sure didn't. I had cramps & was sooo naeous I drank almost 2 full liters of 7up because as long as that was in my stomach, I was fine. The mechanics shop called & let me know that our car was going to be done that afternoon! YAY that was fast!
Thursday morning I was still feeling awful & naseous as ever, luckily no diarrhea for me but we picked up the car & guess what? to replace all the valves, machine one of the cylinders & replace 2 belts it was $1569. But we have a car that runs like a champ, better than before! I spent a lot of the day just being sick... no fun... There was a very electrical storm that blew in around 9ish on Thursday, the lightening wasn't in bolts but was just constant along the sky. Then the wind kicked up & it was blowing soooo hard that our 2 sliding glass doors felt like they were going to break. It blew over our BBQ & our umbrella for the patio table. I guess across town it did a lot more damage than that, powerlines were down, streets were flooded & 100mph winds were recorded. It was CRAZY!
Friday, Kevin worked 9-6 & I had to return the car before 6 so I took it back and luckily he got off before so he could meet me. We also found out that his new permanent schedule (let's see how long it lasts) will be 6am-2pm meaning he will get home aorund 3pm. YAY!

& then today we did a whole lot of nothing, had 2 people come look at our jeep, no takers yet... hopefully someone does buy it! I am feeling better & Brok's awful molar finally came in so he's doing better! YAY!


Heather and Kevin said...

So glad you are all feeling better Ash! And so happy for you and Brok that his molar finaly came thru! I dont get the next post. Your "wordle"???