Monday, October 13, 2008

I finally caught him with open eyes! I know everyone wants pictures of the 2 boys together but right now brok is sick so We've been keeping our distance. Luke already has a stuffy nose poor guy so we didn't want to make it worse. It was nice to have visitors this weekend. Kevin's parents came! Now it's back to just the 4 of us. Kevin goes back to work in a week & i'm nervous because the next day is Brok's 18mo appt & the first time I'll have to take both boys out alone! I guess it's then or never! I am adjusting to the no sleep again. I forget how often they want to eat! We've been pretty consistent @ 2hrs apart & hopefully he'll start going 3hrs when he gains a little weight! He is a pro @ nursing now but NEVER seems to be able to stay awake! Wouldn't that be the life! That's all from our household this week! Luke has his 2 week on thurs & gets circumcised :( poor guy!