Monday, October 20, 2008

What a sad & greedy world we live in!

As if our life wasn't hard enough, i just checked our bank account & realized that when we bought groceries this week we were overcharged by $100! & kevin had forgotten to grab the receipt. I called to find out what happened & was told he had requested cash back & that since it was self check he was responsible for grabbing the money which he didn't know he had requested & that the person behind us picked up the money. How ridiculous is it that we are now out that money all because someone was so dishonest & took that cash? Obviously he didn't know he'd left it or he would have gone back for it! & who in their right mind would think the machine would magically spit out money? I am frantically calling the store to review the tapes & hopefully this mess can get cleared up with the simple fact of showing he didn't get the money! & to whomever took that money may karma send it back your way
I hope you needed it as much as we did!

Since I posted this yesterday, I have contacted the police who contacted Wal Mart & they have since review the tapes & discovered that Kevin hadn't finished his transaction & that the lady in line behind him had noticed & pushed to get $100 cash back & walked off with the reciept & cash. She then proceeded to pay for her stuff with her debit card & so now we are waiting for a supeona (sp?) for the police to get the information from her debit card & to go after her... Hopefully she can be tracked & we can get back our money.


Heather and Kevin said...

Man! That REALLY sucks! I would be so sad/mad! Im sorry!

Hansens said...

How frustrating! I cannot beleive someone would be so dishonest! I am really sorry! I hope this gets worked out, and you get the money back!