Sunday, October 5, 2008

We are home!

I don't have pictures uploaded yet but here are 2 I sent my mom. He was just seconds old in the first one & about an hour in the second. We got to come home yesterday around 5pm... What a relief! I hate to say it but I can't stand the hospitals... I mean how do they expect you to rest when they come check like every 5 min! Plus it doesn't matter how many kids you have, they still act like you know nothing!!!!

Anyway... It was a very easy labor (ok well once I got the epidural) We went in @ midnight-ish to get started... What they did was put some white cream on my cervix that makes it thin out or something like that & then you have to lay for an hour, walk for an hour & lay for an hour... That was HORRIBLE! I thought the contractions I had for a week were painful... But until like 330, I had to bear with it... Then she checked me after the 3rd hour... still no change so they did it again. Another awful 3 hrs... Still no change so they started the pitocin around 7 & checked me @ 730, I was @ a 2... around 830-9 my doctor came in and broke my water, strangest sensation ever and then I was able to get the epidural! Thank goodness for medication... I applaud any woman who can do it natural! I was happy & wonderful feeling after that & progressing fairly fast, around 1.5-2cm every hour and a half or 2 and then at 230-245ish I was at a 6, so my doctor has this trick (which definately works) where he fills back up the sack with saline which makes the baby float again & most of the time will cause you to progress faster... So by the time that happened, around 315 I kept getting the sensation that I had to pee everytime I would get a contraction which I shouldn't have felt so they got the epidural topped off around 330, took 10min to kick in & I was at an 8-9 around 345... That's when the pressure started... I knew it was coming & fast. My nurse wasnt in the room & my doc had gone back to the office (right across the parking lot) & I told Kevin to call & tell them I needed to push... So by the time they came in, I was not able to hold it in, I pushed once hard & the nurse & Kevin saw his head, tons of hair! The doc came around 350ish and I pushed 3 big pushes & his head slipped out! One small push, with no problem & he was completely out! Kevin said it was like a slip n slide for him... Way easy for me! He is a gorgeous little one, so tiny to me & we adore him!

Brok didn't meet him til yesterday but it was so cute to see them together & we got some good pictures! They don't really look related! Brok was bald except for a little hair & Luke has tons of dark hair!

The first night was a little rough, I keep forgetting that with Brok we didn't have him home til he was 4days old so I'm expecting things to go smoother but he is still trying to figure out the nursing & my milk hasn't had time to come in... Overall, we have noticed he doesn't like his back & that he LOVES to lay on Kevin's chest to sleep...

I am feeling rather good considering it hasn't been 48hrs yet (still so strange) and mostly only hurt where I had the epidural, just a small pain, nothing huge! I am still getting used to the idea that I have 2 kids... & 2 boys at that!

I will get pictures soon!!!


Nielsen Family said...

I always say that you don't get any medal for having your baby natural so whatever you have to do to get them here is all that matters. Congrats! I can't wait to see pictures of the boys together.

Jessica said...

Congratulations! I'm glad the delivery went well and your Dr. was able to catch your baby.
I'm with you on hospitals. I go in, have the baby by the early evening, stay one night and go home 1st thing in the morning. It's too noisy with too many interuptions.
I also feel your pain for the epideral entrance(?) Both times I find I have bruising and pain in my back for a few days following.

I hope the rest of your recovery goes well, along with nursing. Don't give up! (If you need encouragement write me... Cason took over 3 weeks to figure it out, but WE DID IT! And of course it is a breeze now.)

Heather and EJ said...

What a cutie! Congrats to the Beal family!