Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Another Week has come & gone

I officially hate the night shift! It goes by sooooo slow!

How is it that I feel like my weeks aren't long enough? I swear I was just writing about our anniversary!

SO... the highlights of our week:

  • We FINALLY got our money back from when the lady stole it. YES!

  • Brok started the TERRIBLE 2's way too early

  • Lukas has thrush

  • Kevin didn't work much (or so it seemed)

  • I got 4hrs of sleep in a row... but for only one night

  • We thought about getting a cat, had a lady bring one to us & it freaked out at the dogs, at the babies & finally at Kevin... bye-bye cat

  • Kevin's phone went on the fritz, 2 times before it finally died

  • We sold the Enduro motorcycle!

YEs it's true, the lady that "accidentally" pressed $100 cash back on our unfinished transaction got caught & offered to give the money back... She didn't have anything on her record so we didn't press charges but I did make sure she knew it wasn't right what she did... Imagine the surprise on her face when 6+cops showed up at her house & cuffed her! Bet she will never do that again.

Brok has the WORST attitude. He has an ear piercing scream & has learned that it wears on eveyrone's patience very quickly. Not to mention that he has learned to manuver himself around the furniture to get into things. & ridiculous what he can get into! This week alone he has: dumped a cup of water on himself, dumped out the entire bag of chips, knocked off the bowls & spoons from our dinner (he LOVES spoons/forks & has collected somany of them upstairs that I thought we were losing them!) & get this one- pulled an entire bowl of taco soup (don't worry, it was cold because yet again when I sit down to eat, Lukas needs to be fed) onto himslef & the floors WHICH I JUST CLEANED! Not looking forward to when he starts walking as much as I am looking forward to it! Watch out world, here he comes!

Lukas had some white on his tongue while my family was here but since he is a spitter, it always looks like left over. Well I started noticing it creeping up his tongue on Friday night it was all over. I hadn't thought about what it could be until after the doctor had closed... It wasn't affecting him eating so we decided to ride out the weekend... by Monday morning it was all over! Poor guy... So I called to get an appointment- The whole base had training all day & then of course Veteran's day was yesterday so they were closed til today... So I got a referral for urgent care & tried to take him... Not a single urgent care takes babies under 4mo except the nighttime pediatric one... so @5pm I had to take him... He is on nystatin liquid 3x a day & I have a cream I have to use on me before he feeds... it has since cleared up & is getting better, YAY! He surprisingly weighed in at 10lbs 3oz with clothes & a full diaper so probably around 10lbs. I guess he is doing well!

Last week was CRAZY! Monday Kevin didn't work very long, Tuesday he ended up getting to get off early because Wednesday from8am-4pm he had a class (which got out @ 12) & then Thursday night he was on the crew that got to go home early & Friday his squadron had their annual Thanksgiving Feast @ 130 so he got off @ around 630ish. Monday (as in 2 days ago) was base wide training so he had to go in @ 730am & was off by 3 & then of course yesterday he had off. So as you can see though he worked, he didn't work... However, tonight his jet is seriously broke & he will not be home til around midnight or later.

Once Lukas Started the nystatin, he slept soooo good. That night I went to bed when he did & either I was really out of it or he slept from 10ish-230ish. YAY for me... but then last night it was every 2hrs again!

About 2months ago Kevin accidentally dropped his phone in the toilet, luckily it was under warranty so he got it replaced for free & then the other day he couldn't view his pictures without the phone resetting so they are sending him a new one... But then Saturday or someday soon after he went to pull out his phone to text me & it reset but got stuck on the verizon start up screen. So he is now on phone replacement #2!

& about the cat... yeah random & not something we will try again!

& the enduro is a motorcycle Kevin's dad bought but never rode so he brought it down for KEvin to either ride or sell. WE have had it listed on Craigslist for about 3wks & a guy came on Sunday morning & bought it for $800! YES!!!

Tis all for this week... More to come next week!

PS- I learned how to digital scrapbook! SOOOO FUN!


Danette said...

Digital scrapbooking is addicting, so beware. Sounds like you keep pretty busy!

Steve & Camille Jennings said...

What a week! I just wanted to say yay for digital scrapbooking! I love it...that's my new hobby!

Jayson and Casey said...

How fun that you found my blog! You look GREAT!!! And you have two kids!!! That is sooooo awesome! I'm glad you are so happy. :-) Good to hear from you!

Teah said...

Ashley! I'm glad you are doing well and that we found each other. Your kids are cute and so is your other blog!!

Kelli and Nicholas said...

Hey ashley! holy cow its been so long! i can't believe you have two kids!!! they are so cute! good to hear from you!