Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween & a fun weekend!

This was such a fun year! Last year Brok was a dragon but he was still too small to really get it & no that he did this year but he had fun walking around with his Auntie Brooke & LOVED eating the candy!

We tried to get him to dress up as the alligator as originally planned but he wasn't having that.... so here are my pictures wrestling an alligator LOL. Then we tried to make him a football player but got as far as getting the black under his eyes & he wasn't going for it so eventually he became a clown... my little brothers all wore this costume when they were Brok's age, so it's over 20yrs old!

Lukas was just cute in his little "This is my costume" shirt & witch hat. Kevin & I dressed up as a vampire & Countess but we never got good pitures. Oh well, I looked retarded!
My family got here on Friday afternoon & my sisters helped Brok carve a pumpkin. He wouldn't reach into the pumpkin but liked playing in the guts in a bowl.

It was good to have my family visit & stay for more than a weekend. They got to go out to the flight line with Kevin on Monday & they loved it. I think my dad was in 7th heaven! Here are some pictures from that day. When you are within like 10ft or something of a running jet you need to have ear protection on (trust me, it's worth it) & I was going to try to get out there with Brok but he wasn't having the ear things. However, Lukas was not bothered at allby the ear things. Brok also did not like the loud noise of the jets... But what's new...
If you can't see, that is Kevin's name on the inside of the jet. How cool is that?

Other than that it was good to have my family here becuase they gave us a break from always being with the kids. They helped with diapers, feedings & holdings so we could enjoy our days (not that we don't already but sometime it gets mundane) My mom also helped me make some easy meals & freeze them for the times when I don't have time to cook! (like everyday) I even made one tonight, stir fry with rice which was AMAZING! I am not a chef but I do like to eat homemade food!