Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lukas is 1 Month old!

Make sure to read all of my posts! I have a bunch today!

I can't believe it's been a month since he joined our lives... I remember when Brok was this age thinking aobut Kevin leaving & feeling like I wanted another baby soon but with Lukas, I feel complete... it's kind of wierd... I Love this little guy... he is so sweet & still so much of a baby (Brok was over 11lbs by this point) that I don't have those baby blues missing the sweetness.

This past month hasn't brought much change from him, he only weighs like 8.5 lbs, if that maybe a bit more but is long.
Things he LOVES:
  • his binky, I think I have 4 of them & he will go at it if I put it in his mouth.
  • his mom- she feeds him, she loves him & she can't handle letting him cry! :)
  • His blankey- my kids LOVE their blankets & they have their own type
  • laying on my back massage cushion-he's in 7th heaven
  • EATING- every hour, on the hour except from 9pm-midnight & 3-5am where he sleeps. However, the 3-5 block he has to be on my chest
  • his swing- he hangs out in there when I need an extra hand! Thanks for that gift with Brok aunt becky!

Things he HATES:

  • his cradle-not sure if its the movement but he is not diggin it lately... he'll sleep for about an hour in it, eat then sleep again... can't tell if it's cause he's hungry or what...
  • his car seat, but only with the strap things on it... they hug his face too close & he can't move his head
  • the fan, he likes to look at it but not lay under it like Brok did.
  • FORMULA- this kid is not diggin it.
  • his feet confined-i.e. footie pajamas
  • swaddling, unless it's loose- again the foot thing
other than that he is a pretty easy baby... We will definately keep him! Enjoy the pictures! I certainly do. My mom did a great job!!!!


Maggie and Colby said...

Cute Pictures and Happy Late Anniversary!