Sunday, March 1, 2009

Chaos is the story of my life!

What a few weeks it has been! I swear I dont know where the time goes!

All about Brok's appt:

Absolutely nothing! We had to drive 30+min to make it there during the worst time of the day & then we waited for 20min to get called into the room & another 30+min to see the doc! Then when the doc came in it didn't get much better... It was a resident doc who is the developmental pediatrician, he asked all the medical histories, etc & did all that stuff, he kept saying it wasn't Mental Retardation (ok soooo obvious) but never said yay or nay for autism. He kept saying that it was a blanket term for if they cant find something else wrong. So then he leaves and another 15+ min ago by, still trapped in this tiny room, & he returns with the pediatric neurologist who goes through all this schpiel about how they don't like to use the term autism & how Brok may or may not have it blah blah blah- still nothing to jump about, no diagnosis, no hope, NOTHING! Then he starts saying well we're going to test for chromosome abnormalities to see if there is something there & then if it comes back as nothing, we'll do some more invasive ones & oh yeah, he's going to need to have his hearing tested & oh yeah, he needs to have another pyschoeval through DDD. Anyway so still no answer, they took lots of blood from him & we get those results back on Wed. I guess we'll see what they say... I can't say I am relieved or disappointed... it seems like a big circle of never-ending nothingness...

As for the rest of the time, we have been doing really well with the sensory, we found the coolest swing at ikea that is perfect for him, it's a pouch but has an inflatable pillow thing so he still sits up & we hung it in the baby's room (since he still sleeps in our room). Brok LOVES it! & i see it making a difference! If he gets really fussy, I swing him & he calms, even if it's just a few minutes of swinging, it makes a huge difference! He is more receptive to learning because he has that input. He doesn't get upset near as much & is learning more & more! We also decided to take off the side of his bed- he is now a big boy- because he would scream so early to get him out but now he just gets out on his own & plays, gives us another 15-30min of sleep at least! YES! This is how we found him the first night, sometimes we still find him like this! I put his crib bumpers on the floor next to the bed anticipating a fall! Now we have a giant stuffed dog that he sleeps on if he falls out! & yes, naked kid, it's soooo hot here lately! He also discovered that he likes thin mints, I thought they were safe on the ledge but he climbed on the couch & got a hold of them!

Lukas is now also in the crib, in our room, next to the bed, with the side off... He wasn't sleeping well in the pack & play (not that he does much better in this) so I decided to make the change- he does better, sleeps for a long chunk when he first goes down but he eats all night! He is still a little skinny kid, the size 2 huggies overlap halfway around him- but we love him! He is learning so much! He can now roll back to stomach & a few times has gone all the way back to his stomach! He can also "sit" unassited for about 30-45 seconds. He is really good at it! He loves to play with toys, & everything goes in his mouth, it's really funny to watch! He can put the binky in & out too! He loves the solids & can finish a stage 2 size jar no problem! His favorites so far are sweet potatoes & chicken, apples & chicken & ham, pineapple & rice! Yumm! He is a pretty happy baby for the most part & as long as he is fed & paid attention to he is content! He LOVES to snuggle especially when he gets really tired! So cute!

I have been crazy busy... The other night I made something like 9 rags, 8 diap/wipes & 3 crayon rolls... & the next night it was 12 rags! I am anticipating more & more business since 2 of the sites I am featured on are going to do write ups about me this week... YES! Besides that I am sick, once again, but I can't tell if it's allergies or just lack of sleep causing a weakened immune system... It's not as bad as it has been & for that I am grateful!

Kevin has had to work the most awful schedule this past week & this week... They are night flying which means days goes in around 11 & gets off around 8ish & you guessed it, He goes in around 9ish & works til around 330-5AM! That means he sleeps til noon & with a toddler, I have been trying to be gone for that time frame! It is so awful because I feel like a single parent! I put them to bed each night &get up with them each morning! Brok has been really good though & for that I can't complain too bad! Though to top off the worst schedule ever, he also has weekend duty & today they are doing a flyover so he had to work! & not just a few hours, probably til at least 2. Which means I either brave taking them both to church, alone, or we don't get to go :( I still haven't decided if I am brave enough yet- Brok is a handful, especially during sacrament! I know there are plenty of people to help but I feel bad that they are either being interrupted by him or having to take him out! We shall see!

Anyway, that is our life the past few weeks, it seems I never have the time to update like usual... I will *TRY* to post more when we know about Brok's results!


The Heizzys said...

Ashley, thanks for the sweet comment. I know Keresa because her mom and my mom grew up together and are best friends. She also married a kid from my home town. How do you know her?

Telsha said...

Wow, that is crazy and hectic. You are superwoman. I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's schedule. I'm with you on that one. Jeff just switched back to nights so I do the same thing put to bed up early in the morning. It's no fun. Hang in there! Sorry the doc appt was not helpful hopefully they will give you something to work with soon.

Jessica said...

You do sound really busy. It's tough putting the kids to bed and getting up with them on your own, I did that up until Dec, when Michael finally stopped working 2 jobs. I feel for ya.

The Colvins said...

Remember me for the St. George married student ward? Trying to find a diagnosis sucks! We went through similar stuff with Jackson to try to find a diagnosis for him. The doctors hummed and hoed about it for what seemed like forever until finally at 2 1/2 years old they diagnosed him with cerebral palsy. When we finally had a diagnosis we could move in the right direction with different therapies to help him.

I have to tell you that you are a GREAT mom for sticking with it and persevering to find out what's going on with you child! Best of luck!