Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The past 2 yrs- I Love you Brok

Where have they gone? I could swear I was just pregnant with you! I was wondering what you would look like, who you would be like & how I could love someone so much!

& then you were here & my life has never been the same! You were sent to me to teach me patience & how to love. I don't know what I would do without you! The past year has been something to remember!

You are my special kid- You make me laugh & cry & want to pull my hair out! But overall I just have an overwhelming feeling of love... You teach me something new everday! You are my hero- when you fall, you don't give up- you get back up & keep movin... I am so proud of all you have accomplished... From last year when Dr Harsha told us you had autism, to now where we know you have sensory integration disorder so much has changed! You couldn't even hardly sit up! Now you are crawling around like a mad man & cruising around all the furniture! you are sooo close to walking! You couldn't hold your bottle, let alone drink out of a cup! Now you are a pro! You can use a cup with a straw, & can even sometimes with help drink from the dixie cups during nursery!

you Couldn't talk, now you can say mom & can sign more, please & eat! You LOVE to read your pink ant book & to swing!

Brok, I love you! I love how your eyes light up when your dad walks into the room & even more how even though you are a daddy's boy, you still will always love your mom, I love how you cock your head to the side to look at us when we pick you up, I love how you can fall asleep on the floor- anywhere, anytime- even in the pizza place! I Love how you are content to play with silverware or wires! I love how you can laugh & cry in the same breath! I love how you steam roll or plow over your brother & how much he adores you! You are so special to me & I want you to always remember that!

Happy birthday bug! you are my baby & I can't believe that it has been 2 yrs since you came into my world & left your mark! You have taught me so much about myself & about life & I am so grateful that you chose me to be your mommy! I love you Brok Grant Beal!

2 year stats:
28lbs 3oz
  • crawled at 16mo
  • cruised for the first time at 17mo
  • Became a big brother at 18mo & 3wks
  • climbed stairs for the first time at 19.5mo
  • climbed onto the couch first time at 22mo
  • climbed down the stairs first time at 23mo
  • opened the toilet for the first time :) at 23mo

ps- this is a day late but we are visiting Granny & Grandpa so I couldn't use the computer!


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Brok!!!

Heather said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Brok!