Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is so dumb (& to answer why)

& I know other moms with younger kids will think how lame but for the first time EVER

I walked in to get Brok up from his nap (well he didn't really sleep but played) & he was SITTING IN HIS CRIB TYRING TO PULL HIMSELF UP!

Ok so he's a little behind but for me that is super exciting because it shows progression! We have been doing therapy for a long while & even though I see some progression, nothing too encouraging as far as walking or standing so this is AWESOME!

******I had a few people ask why he can't do the normal things... There have been so many reasons I have been given, but the 3 biggest things are autism, cerebral palsy & hypertonia.

His intial diagnosis is hypertonia, that means his muscles have too much tone & his joints don't know how to work right, I imagine something like arthritis? It's because since birth he has had something flexed, whether it be standing with his toes pointed when we'd hold him or etc. He was a very fast learner when it came to holding his head up & rolling over, but from there, it was slow go. His muscles are just very tight.

The reason for the other 2 is that I guess just he's delayed... The cerebral palsy has only been said by his physical therapist & while it freaks me out, If you look up the literal definition, it means brain paralysis. Basically, the part of his brain that is sending the signals doesn't connect with the actual muscle. For us, it is normal to think something & automatically do it but for him, he knows his brain is saying lift this leg, push up, etc but it's not connecting to his muscles. Nothing has been officially diagnosed there, but I can see where he would get that idea. The autism, I really don't see anything except his being delayed in mobility. He is super smart, he will look at you & make eye contact, he is learning new words & signs everyday (just started with putting his arms up & saying uh, uh) and is very social with us. The reason they say that it could be autism is that he does this stimulation thing with his hands & he can't walk... though again really the only time we hear it is with his physical therapist...

I don't really know what it is or why he is like htat, I know he has a very stubborn personality which contributes a lot but other than that, he is just my special little Brok & we love him no matter his problems!


Jessica said...

That is very exciting, I've read about him being delayed a little physically and going through some therapy- but I was wondering if they know why? And have they told you what to expect, etc.... If you don't mind sharing I would love to better understand what he and you are going through.

Nielsen Family said...

That is awesome and not dumb! Its so good that you are working with him and its paying off! So your baby is almost here...can you believe it?

Heather and Kevin said...

YEAHHH!!! that is soo exciting! and not dumb at all! I have seen a lot of kids go thru EI, PT, and OT therapies, and many of them have been the same way. A little improvement here and there, but nothing too motivating, and then one day they just got it! Everytime we talk about his therapy or his improvements it makes me think of Fransisco and all I had seen him overcome! (and makes me miss him like CRAZY!) Brock will get there! CONGRATS!! I am so excited!!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the info, OF COURSE HE'S YOUR SPECIAL LITTLE GUY! And he is adorable. From my small knowledge-base early intervention with any of the things you mentioned can be really successful. Good Luck- and WAY TO GO BROCK!