Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am having a rough time!!!

So the past week or so, I have been having contractions... But the thing is that they aren't regular enough to do anything about them other than wait them out... But they are so strong! SometimesI feel like just going to the hospital to get some pain med cause I can't do anything to relax my muscles! I asked the doc aobut it & they said "oh it's just braxton hicks" or "you're just practicing" but really? My mom said everything is more pronounced the second time around because your body already knows what it's doing but I am seriously not sure my body knows! LOL. I just feel so uncomfortable & can't relax! It's hard too because sometimes I feel awesome so I start a project or go out of the house, they hit so strong all the sudden I can't hardly finish what I am doing! Has any other mom had this issue before? He can come out anytime really & I am sure he's fine since the doctor guestimated he's already close to 8lbs if not yet (he told me he is between 7-8lbs based on my history of babies & my size & that if hemakes it to @ least 36wks he will be totally ok) so I am ready for it but it's not happening & I am in a lot of pain!

I tried with Brok the castor oil, walking, sex, you name it but with this one, I havne't done any of them becasue I don't want him to come too early and don't want some of the same problems I had with Brok!!!!

any ideas on easing the pain? or distracting me?


Jessica said...

Your mom is right, it's worse the second time around. I had really bad regular contractions with Cason starting around 28 weeks until 37 weeks. Then they slacked off. I was minutes away from going to the hospital quite a few times but here is what worked for me:
Drink lots of water and lay down and put your feet up... even though they don't go all the way away it slows them down. You definitely don't want to increase any of the risks of a pre-term baby. Even if they are big it doesn't necessarily mean the lungs and other organs are ready.

Tasha Stout said...

I'm sorry Ash! That sounds tough! As I don't have a 2nd child yet, I can't really say much to comfort you. Thanks so much for the ideas for meals for Mylah. You are the best! Good luck!