Friday, September 5, 2008

The new favorite thing

So I guess Brok finally figured out that he is a big boy because every time I walk into his room now after nap, in the morning or last night even after I put him down for bed, He is sitting up in his crib!
We put him in a "time-out" if you will becasue he just kept freaking out last night & he ended up falling asleep. I had laid him on his back because it was around afternoon/evening nap time so I was somewhat hopeing he'd fall asleep, which he did, so at around 7 or 8 I went in to get him up for an hour & he was sat up in his bed, sleeping! He is such a goof! But I guess at least he is learning something! He had figured out how to sit up himself a while ago but this time around, he figured out it's easier from belly to sit himself up.

His new favorite word is Mum, trying to say more & mom together to get something to eat...
What a nut!


Jessica said...

So cute!
PS I recommend digital scrapbooking, it's not as creatively fulfilling but once you get the hang of it you can get pages done really fast. I still take a half hour-hour on one page when I'm being picky, but once I find a layout I like I can duplicate the page with a click of a button and then just change out the pictures. Plus, I would never get pages done with McKenna grabbing all of my supplies and ripping the pictures.

Nielsen Family said...

How cute! I can't wait until Emma starts doing stuff...other than pooping of course.

Jessica said...

yeah, reality check, about an hour after my post McKenna had pooped in her panties while hiding under the countertop, Cason wouldn't stop screaming, and then....McKenna decided to pee in Cason's crib all over his bedding... I still Love it... right?