Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still no dang kid!

I swear he just likes to torture me! I go back to the doc tomorrow & I guess unless he decides to make an appearance soon, I will be scheduled for sometime around the 3rd of Oct (which my sister is going to LOVE because the 4th is homecoming & she got asked) I really think he is just intent on keeping me in pain! I know I was anxious with Brok but this is really riduculous! I keep waking up going "Today's the day"then of course it's not & then I have to think "less than 2 weeks, less than 2 weeks" but that doesn't help any because I get more impatient that time doesn't go faster! ARGH!

My aunt is having her baby next Monday via c-section (he is all the way up under her ribs in the transverse (side to side) position) and I want him to have his own birthday but I know he is going to come on somone's birthday!

As far as contractions go, they seem to be regular & they definately hurt but not enough that I can't sleep at night... Which is frustrating!

I just want to pop him out already! I am tired of waiting to meet him! Brok & I want him to come play NOW!


Heather and Kevin said...

Im sorry Ash! Hang in there!