Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is a totally lame post but i feel like super woman today! In the 9hrs kevin was @ work I... paid off 4 credit cards/loans & paid my power water & cable bill, bathed Lukas (which is a big deal for me cause i'm afraid of him slipping or getting hurt even with the baby bath), cleaned up the loft, vacuumed my floors, steam cleaned my carpets & finished a complicated order of letters! Not to mention the normal mom duties of changing diapers feedings & playing! Plus i successfully got brok to take 2 good naps & ate myself! I know totally lame but i feel proud of myself for accomplishing so much! Ps i am so in love with this little guy! I don't remember much about when brok was this little but this guy is soooo stinkin cute! & brok is still my freaking cute kid! He LOVES his brother!

Monday, October 27, 2008

What a week!

I survived!
Yes, I did it... I officially spent a week with the boys alone all day while Kevin worked... It wasn't easy at first but it did get better... There were some issues I had like how to carry Lukas & Brok in from the car (grab Lukas's seat out of the car, put it in the garage, grab Brok & then Grab Lukas again), How to feed Lukas while trying to keep Brok from pulling everything off the table, & how to handle it when both of them screamed at the same time... But I am alive & we are no worse for the wear!
I Love this picture! He has the curliest hair ever! I love giving him a bath just so I can see the curls! Who do you think he looks like? Everyone when we go out says like his daddy but my aunt & mom say like me. All I know is he looks nothing like Brok!

This week was pretty fun... Nothing too exciting happened...Excpet for... On Tuesday night or maybe it was Monday I was talking to my mom on the phone & Kevin was watching TV & I happened to look over at Brok & I saw what looked like the insides of a wet diaper so I freaked out & then when I looked again, it was really VASOLINE! After Lukas's circumcision we had to put massive amounts of vasoline so it wouldn't stick to the diaper. I had left it on the floor many times before but this time I guess it was too much to handle for Brok. He had emptied the thing! It was all over him, his legs, the floor, his shirt, EVERYWHERE! & currently it is coating the bottom of my tub... Kevin took him in & scrubbed him while I cleaned up the floor out here... I thought I could escape the mischief becuase he wasn't mobile but I guess not!

Lukas had to go to the doctor again on Thursday ( a week after his 2wk appt where he weighed 7lbs 5oz & was 21in) because he had a goopy eye, turns out oit was just a blocked tear duct, but he weighed 8lbs 1oz with clothes on so around 8lbs so he is growing despite all the spitting up he does.

Friday Brok had his 18mo appt & he weighs 24lbs 11oz & is 33in long. He is solid! The best part of his appt is that the doctor thinks he is normal. He said that some people will jump to conclusions just because a child doesn't follow the "normal" and that he seems to be fine. We asked about the walking, he said that because he didn't crawl first but scooted on his butt that he will walk later, it's not a big deal. We asked about the talking thing (he only says mom) he said taht is fine, that if by the time he is 2 he doesn't say like dad or ball or a few other words he will have him checked. So that was really cool!

We also went to church for the first time since Lukas came... I forget that he is only 3wks old! It feels like he has been here forever! Brok got to go to nursery for the first time & he loved it! We checked on him several times just because we worried how he would do not being able to walk like everyone else & everytime we checked he was taking someone else's something or other! But he definately enjoyed it & it was nice for me to just have to worry about Lukas during sunday school & relief society!

This week will be fun becuase it's Halloween & my family is coming to visit! YAY! It is wierd that my family hasn't seen Lukas at all. I will be sure to post pictures of the obys! We haven't decided on a costume for Lukas but have some good ideas & I might have an outfit for him... Brok is going to attempt to be an alligator but he doesn't really car for the costume so we will see what he ends up being!

Monday, October 20, 2008

What a sad & greedy world we live in!

As if our life wasn't hard enough, i just checked our bank account & realized that when we bought groceries this week we were overcharged by $100! & kevin had forgotten to grab the receipt. I called to find out what happened & was told he had requested cash back & that since it was self check he was responsible for grabbing the money which he didn't know he had requested & that the person behind us picked up the money. How ridiculous is it that we are now out that money all because someone was so dishonest & took that cash? Obviously he didn't know he'd left it or he would have gone back for it! & who in their right mind would think the machine would magically spit out money? I am frantically calling the store to review the tapes & hopefully this mess can get cleared up with the simple fact of showing he didn't get the money! & to whomever took that money may karma send it back your way
I hope you needed it as much as we did!

Since I posted this yesterday, I have contacted the police who contacted Wal Mart & they have since review the tapes & discovered that Kevin hadn't finished his transaction & that the lady in line behind him had noticed & pushed to get $100 cash back & walked off with the reciept & cash. She then proceeded to pay for her stuff with her debit card & so now we are waiting for a supeona (sp?) for the police to get the information from her debit card & to go after her... Hopefully she can be tracked & we can get back our money.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The brothers together @ last!

I know it's a bad picture but everyone has been wanting to see them together! Besides the fact that brok doesn't sit still for more than 5 seconds & i have to hold Lukas things are going well! Kevin goes back to work tomorrow Eek! It ought to be interesting! Brok has become curious about Lukas trying to pull him & wanting to touch him but when i try to get him to hold him or look @ him he doesn't want anything to do with him. He has become kevin's best friend! We went bowling last night with our friends & it was all i could do to contain brok! He wanted to find his dad & didn't want to sit still! He is pulling up on everything & is moving along furniture. We have also walked in to get him out of bed & He's been standing up in his crib. So maybe sometime soon something will happen! Anyway I'll try to get better pictures!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

rub a dub dub

so i went downstairs for a drink & kevin was supposed to be watching brok. i came back up to find brok sitting in our tub... he's tried before to get in & out but never successfully. he loves to go stand at the edge so it's not unusual to find him in our room but this was priceless. funny thing is he didn't hit his head or get mad! guess we'll have to keep our door closed from now on!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I finally caught him with open eyes! I know everyone wants pictures of the 2 boys together but right now brok is sick so We've been keeping our distance. Luke already has a stuffy nose poor guy so we didn't want to make it worse. It was nice to have visitors this weekend. Kevin's parents came! Now it's back to just the 4 of us. Kevin goes back to work in a week & i'm nervous because the next day is Brok's 18mo appt & the first time I'll have to take both boys out alone! I guess it's then or never! I am adjusting to the no sleep again. I forget how often they want to eat! We've been pretty consistent @ 2hrs apart & hopefully he'll start going 3hrs when he gains a little weight! He is a pro @ nursing now but NEVER seems to be able to stay awake! Wouldn't that be the life! That's all from our household this week! Luke has his 2 week on thurs & gets circumcised :( poor guy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here's our skinny little monkey man. He is so tiny! We went for our 3 day check on monday & he was only 6lbs 10oz! I know a lot of my friends That's there normal sized kid but not me! No one in either of our families that wasn't a twin has ever been so small! But he is a cutie! We'll keep him! Brok is getting more used to him, the other day luke was crying & brok found his cord & thought he was upset because of that! I love it! I'm adjusting to 2 kids- I've actually spent a couple hours with just me & them & while hard it's going to be fun! I can't wait til luke is a little bigger & they can play! It's still wierd that he's not even a week old! I feel like he's been here forever! I can't remember life without him even though i do remember feeling guilty about brok getting less attention. But he still gets it & in his own way i think he understands! Kevin's parents come tomorrow so i
might have time to upload pictures! Ps he wears clothes but the diapers are too big for him & he leaks!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We are home!

I don't have pictures uploaded yet but here are 2 I sent my mom. He was just seconds old in the first one & about an hour in the second. We got to come home yesterday around 5pm... What a relief! I hate to say it but I can't stand the hospitals... I mean how do they expect you to rest when they come check like every 5 min! Plus it doesn't matter how many kids you have, they still act like you know nothing!!!!

Anyway... It was a very easy labor (ok well once I got the epidural) We went in @ midnight-ish to get started... What they did was put some white cream on my cervix that makes it thin out or something like that & then you have to lay for an hour, walk for an hour & lay for an hour... That was HORRIBLE! I thought the contractions I had for a week were painful... But until like 330, I had to bear with it... Then she checked me after the 3rd hour... still no change so they did it again. Another awful 3 hrs... Still no change so they started the pitocin around 7 & checked me @ 730, I was @ a 2... around 830-9 my doctor came in and broke my water, strangest sensation ever and then I was able to get the epidural! Thank goodness for medication... I applaud any woman who can do it natural! I was happy & wonderful feeling after that & progressing fairly fast, around 1.5-2cm every hour and a half or 2 and then at 230-245ish I was at a 6, so my doctor has this trick (which definately works) where he fills back up the sack with saline which makes the baby float again & most of the time will cause you to progress faster... So by the time that happened, around 315 I kept getting the sensation that I had to pee everytime I would get a contraction which I shouldn't have felt so they got the epidural topped off around 330, took 10min to kick in & I was at an 8-9 around 345... That's when the pressure started... I knew it was coming & fast. My nurse wasnt in the room & my doc had gone back to the office (right across the parking lot) & I told Kevin to call & tell them I needed to push... So by the time they came in, I was not able to hold it in, I pushed once hard & the nurse & Kevin saw his head, tons of hair! The doc came around 350ish and I pushed 3 big pushes & his head slipped out! One small push, with no problem & he was completely out! Kevin said it was like a slip n slide for him... Way easy for me! He is a gorgeous little one, so tiny to me & we adore him!

Brok didn't meet him til yesterday but it was so cute to see them together & we got some good pictures! They don't really look related! Brok was bald except for a little hair & Luke has tons of dark hair!

The first night was a little rough, I keep forgetting that with Brok we didn't have him home til he was 4days old so I'm expecting things to go smoother but he is still trying to figure out the nursing & my milk hasn't had time to come in... Overall, we have noticed he doesn't like his back & that he LOVES to lay on Kevin's chest to sleep...

I am feeling rather good considering it hasn't been 48hrs yet (still so strange) and mostly only hurt where I had the epidural, just a small pain, nothing huge! I am still getting used to the idea that I have 2 kids... & 2 boys at that!

I will get pictures soon!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Lukas eli beal 7 lbs

Lukas eli beal 7 lbs 3 oz 20 in @ 356pm. Healthy as ever & cute as a button! Mom is also doing well.

I am sitting waiting to

I am sitting waiting to dialate & decided to play a game. Guess the baby weight! My guess is He'll be here between 3 & 5 & will be over 9lbs!