Thursday, January 8, 2009

What cute kids!

I just had to take some time to just say how much I LOVE my kids! There are days when I feel like ripping my hair out but then there are times when I can't believe how cute they are & wonder where they get it from!

Brok is a doll! He gets so excited about the most silly things! Today he was so thrilled while he was in one of his therapies & I brought up a bucket of dry pinto beans! He could have played with that for hours! Or how when I was in the shower he comes & opens the curtain & gives me the best smile! One of the most rewarding & heartmelting things is how excited he gets when his dad walks in! He is his best friend! It makes me love the both of them even more! & it is the cutest thing when you are holding him on your hip he leans forward to look you right in the eye. & then he gives you the BIGGEST smile! What a crack up! I feel so bad for the kid. He has 4 therapies a week from 4 different people who are really just trying to help but he doesn' t understand that! I can't wait for them to be over! He has speech, occupational, physical & early intervention therapy... & this child just pushes through it! He is such a good big brother & is always concerned with if his brother is crying. Like this picture- I was in the bathroom & I heard Lukas screaming & I thought "Oh man what did Brok do" & I came out to see Brok consoling him! He had climbed onto the wrapping paper box so he could see better. This kid never ceases to amaze me! He is learning so much. We taought him to wash his hands & so when you put them under the water he interlocks his fingers & rubs them together to get them clean!I just can't wait to see what else he learns! I look forward to the next few years!

& then Lukas... What a little baby! I don't know how come he is so tiny but I am so in love! He had his 2 month appointment today (though he is 3months) & he only weighs 11lbs 11oz but he is 24in long. He has the cutest smile! I love to just sit & talk with him! He loves to read & like his brother loves music! He just discovered that he can hit his toys on his play mat & they move & make noise! It is so fun to watch him grow! I can't believe he has only been in our life for 3 months. What did we ever do without him! He is so cute! He is in love with his pacifier! He could suck on that forever! & he has to be surrounded by blankets! He has them all in his bed & loves to grab & cuddle them. & this child LOVES baths & being clean! He goes through 3 outfits a day! It is such a new experience for me! I never knew that my heart could hold enough love for both of them!

Right now I am just feeling like I am so lucky... I have the best kids & husband. They are everything to me! I love them so much!


Winger Fam said...

I know what you mean about sometimes wanting to pull your hair out but I also know what you mean when you are just amazed and in awe of them! Isn't it the most wonderful thing to be a mom. You can't really explain it to someone who hasn't done it but I love it so much!! Thanks for reminding me, sometimes I get caught up in the hair pulling ;)

Jessica said...

Ditto! They sound Darling!!!

The Johnson Five said...

Such cute little kiddo's!