Friday, January 2, 2009

Where oh where has the Beal family gone?

Everywhere you can imagine!

This post will be followed by pictures as soon as I can find the camera...

In the past few weeks we have...

  • hosted a boutique at our home
  • Kevin turned 24
  • traveled to Las Vegas & elsewhere to visit family& friends
  • gotten sick, gotten better & gotten sick AGAIN
  • learned that Lukas HATES formula & that it is not a good smell
  • Been able to sleep in til 830 or later everyday
  • had over 9days off in 2 weeks, paid without taking vacation time!
  • screwed up our paycheck royally...
  • Had our first major fall from brok

& pretty much any & everything else!

December has been a whirlwind for us. From boutiques to sickness to holidays... I honestly feel like the month wasn't even there!

I won't tell about everything but here are a few good stories!

We had an awesome Christmas... Because we had so much trouble with our car, one of the guys from Kevin's work nominated us for being one of those "Christmas Angel" things where they give you gifts... We were hurting & since it was the first year that Brok would really know what presents were, we were glad to accept... It completely blew our expectations out of the water. They were so generous & giving. In lieu of gifts for their workers, they donated it to us. We received gift cards to wal mart in large amounts, gas cards, food, & gifts. One of the best gifts was an annual memebership to the zoo that is right by our house. We will definately be using that! It was such a kind & selfless thing they did that it was easy for us to turn around & "re-gift" one of our gift cards to one of our friends who have been there for us on many occasions! (you know who you are & we love ya!) We were also able to go see family for Christmas & had a blast! Kevin had the 24-28th off as well as the 1st-4th. It had snowed a ton the week before we were there & it snowed on Christmas Eve & Christmas! It was AWESOME! I got a sewing machine & some clothes, Kevin got new tires for his bike & a blanket, the boys got tons of clothes & sweet toys!

One thing I can't forget to mention is that my wonderful husband celebrated his 24th birthday Christmas Eve, & most of it was spent driving! But we love him & he got some good stuff (all mountain biking: a bike repair manual, a mountain bike movie & a year subscription to a biking magazine)

Brok has gotten on a way better schedule recently... At least for us. Most parents would hate what I am about to say but it works for us! He takes a mid-morning nap around 11 or so for about 45 min & then a longer one around 5pm. He usually wakes up from that between 7 & 8 and is then up with me til between 10 & 11. But that works because Kevin usually works til then or later! & the best part is we get to sleep in! YES!!!!

Lukas tried formula for the second time & it all ended up coming back out... ON ME! Oh well, I guess he just keeps nursing! That's ok, I love the bonding time!

& last but not least... Brok has known how to climb the stair for about 2 months. but he slid down 2 stairs about a week after he learned & has not done it since... Until right before Christmas. We were downstairs hanging out & I guess he got bored so he climbed all the way up & now does that every time we are down there... The other night he was climbing up and got about halfway there & I am not sure what happened but he cam crashing down... HARD! He had fallen down approx 6-8 steps... Imagine just like you see on TV... It scared me so bad, I threw my cup of water down & ran to check him... He was MAD that I had gotten him up & proceeded to climb right back up to the top! What a trooper! It still scares me that he could fall & break something but for the time being,there is not a scratch or scrape on his body! He has accomplished one goal set by his therapists- standing at a toy flat footed for 1min. He did 3! We are getting somewhere...

That is all from us... We are alive & well... Hope everyone has a great new year !

Goals for 2009

  • cleaner house= happier family & more organization
  • budget= savings
  • Brok=walking

Things we are looking forward to in 2009

  • 3.9% pay raise (approx $250)
  • Brok walking & turning 2
  • 2 years in the Air Force & another pay raise
  • Lukas walking & turning 1
  • 4yr anniversary
  • & anything else life throws our way!


Winger Fam said...

Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas. That is wonderful. I'm so happy for you guys. Happy late birthday Kevin. 24 holy cow ;)

Jenna said...

Sounds like you have busy! But it sounds like you are having fun!