Thursday, January 22, 2009

What life is like for Brok

So I know I just posted & Please read that one too but this is so exciting I had to post!

We have been having some issues with therapists... Brok is on his 2nd PT (physical therapist) & we had been having some serious issues with our OT (occupational therapist) so I called my case manager for DDD (department of developmental disabilities) & discussed our options... Basically our new PT is awesome & has done a lot of figuring with Brok to see what works & doesn't... Everyone has been saying that he has sensory issues- at first they thought it was aversions to sensory input (ie standing on his toes to avoid the whole foot on the floor) but she realized the other day through a simple activity- dried beans in a bucket big enough for him to sit in- that he CRAVES sensory input.

Well we started with a new OT today & he gave the best explanation ever for why he is the way he is! & those of you who know Brok will agree that it makes complete sense!

Imagine that you have just gotten off a rollercoaster- you want more & you feel as though you are still moving- still have that adrenaline pumping- That is what Brok is like 24:7. His body doesn't know how to regulate that input- his brain keeps saying I need that movement- therefore he moves- but he can't satisfy the need because he can't move efficiently or have that lasting effect- so he just keeps going to try to satisfy that need! When Brok does therapy- we can't keep him still- UNLESS- he has that input (ie swinging, rocking, bouncing on a ball)

The OT said that the reason Brok can't learn to do things normal is because there is that need & he related it to feeling hungry or having to pee- you can't focus on anything because you have that sensation- well once that sensation is gone you can focus on what you need to do- Brok has the sensation he needs to move constantly & that he needs that input so he can't focus on developing because he can't sit still- kinda like ADHD or ADD but not...

Anyway so to "cure" that he is going to start with finding where Brok's breaking point is- swinging intensely for 15min or bouncing- giving him an outlet for that sensory need & fulfilling it in a more effective way- & once he figures out how much he can/can't take- he will work down from there to make him "normal" or as close to normal as possible. He is also going to give him structured play- like stacking blocks & shape sorting- things a normal 2yr old can do-

Brok also likes to be in control of his environment- he will freak out when his therapists work with him making him do things because he is not in control... Another related thing to his sensory issue- he can't control it!

Basically with a lot of working- & definately won't be overnight changes- he can become just like everyo0ne else! PHEW what a relief! We have a referral now to go to the developmental pediatrician so that we can learn if for sure he does have any issues but it's looking like there is a strong possiblity that he really doesn't!

YAY for people who know what htey are talking about! How a child gets like that I will never know but I can't deny it has been an experience we will never forget! I love my special kid!


Camille said...

That is so exciting that you are finally finding answers! and the right ones, too! I'm happy for you and for what's to come.

Jessica said...

That's great news!

The Johnson Five said...

Well that sounds like good news that you're gettin some answers!