Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My life seems to just be getting more & more CRAZY!

We have had a lot of ups & downs this past few weeks... I can't seem to find the time or the energy to sit down & catch up!

We took our first trip to the zoo- ok well the 2nd really but last time it was just Brok & I with the kids I used to watch & he was like 6mo old. Brok had a blast! They have this zoo by us that is called the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium & it was so awesome! We got the year pass for Christmas & plan to use it often! Some highlights of the zoo:
-playing with the crazy cracked out monkey: he was in a cage all alone & was so cool! He acted like he was on drugs & was obsessed with Kevin & trying to eat his finger! We could all put our fingers out for him &he would just shake them but Kevin's he always tried to pull through the cage! He loved Brok!
-The Grey Hornbill bird eating Captain Crunch from Kevin's hand & then almost landing on Brok trying to eat it!
-The Skylift ride- boring but still cool- It was so warm!
-The touch tanks- Brok got to pet starfish, horseshoe crabs & sea urchins- It was so freaking cool!
-Petting the Sting Rays!: There was a larger pool- like the size of a swimming pool- that had sting rays in it & you could reach in & they swim by you & you could touch them! Even Brok got to do it which was the coolest thing!
We LOVE the zoo!

We also have battled sickness- AGAIN! Last year we didn't get sick hardly at all & this year it won't go away! I managed to escape it but this past weekend it caught up with me! Boy was I sick! Still am really but feel much better today!

Lukas is afraid of the dark- I kid you not! He will not sleep at night in his bed, but if I hold him, he is fine. I know it's not his bed because during the day he sleeps in it just fine! & not a long time either-just regular naps! So we have determined that he is afraid of the dark! He is such a different baby than Brok- He loves to be held & to cuddle! As much as I hate having him sleep in bed with me- He is so stinking cutE!

We joined a "Mommy & Me" group. I met 2 ladies through hosting my boutique that are part of a group of women with kids ages 6mo-2yrs & they invited me to join their group- We went to our first meet-up last week & had a blast! Now I have more friends & Brok gets to socialize! Plus there are more mommies that are either prego or have babies Lukas's age so they can all grow up together!

I don't know what happened but since I got my sewing machine for Christmas, I have learned to make so many things! I can now make onsies with appliques, burp rags, nursing covers (the BEST!), binky clips & boppy covers! So if you know anyone having a baby or if you are I can make it for you!

& Guess what happened this morning! So we hear Brok crying this moring around 530ish... My first thought is ok he'lll cry himself back to sleep- after 15min he didn't so I got up & went to go get him out of bed- HE WAS ALREADY OUT! Don't ask me how he did it but the kid who can't walk can now get out of his crib! We didn't hear a thud & the dogs didn't freak out so our only thought is that he can climb! We will see how he does tonight & see if we need to move to a big boy bed! EEK I am not ready for that!


Winger Fam said...

Fun, i want to take Skylee to the zoo, I think she would love it.:)