Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another week in our CrAzY life

Since last Thursday when we went to look at a rental for us, it has been a flurry of craziness.

But first I can tell you the fun stuff! Monday we had a bbq for Memorial Day with 4 families from Kevin's work, The Doidges, the Wenzels, & the Stanleys (ok with us it makes 4). It was fun! The Stanleys have a little 4 or 5 week old boy named Lucas Gunner (called Gunner) who I got to hold & play mommy to because their 2yr old was going crazy & trying to escape! I loved it but it made me even more anxious for our little Luke to get here! He is an active baby! I feel him all the time & he lets me know when he is hungry with a little flip in my belly! Brok didn't mind the little one & it was good practice for having 2 kids!

Back to Thursday. We decided to look at this house that was $1100/mo a little more than we wanted to pay but it's less than 2 miles to Kevin's work so it would save us close to $150-200 a month just in gas (we spend close to $550-600 now) & it is perfect. It is a 4/2.5 with a loft & a HUGE backyard. When I say huge, it's big, it's on a "culdesac" so it has a pie shaped lot. It has about a 20ft square plot of grass surrounded by pea gravel. Along the back wall is a fireplace type thing & a fire pit with seating. There is also what should have a bbq built in but is just the island thing. It has an rv gate on the side & the neighbors have a 5th wheel trailer, a boat & a trailer full of 4-wheelers parked along their side yard (to give you an idea of how long it is) It has all tile downstairs with a formal living room area when you walk in the door & a living room area with a built in entertainment center & get this, a wine cooler fridge built in by the TV spot (not sure why but it's cool for sodas & stuff) It is a really nice house. So we fill out the application & pay the fee (pointless fees if you ask me) and wait to hear if we get approved. The prop manager who showed us the house told us the deposit was $1375 (1.25x rent) with a $200 "non-refundable admin fee" (another stupid thing in the city of phoenix, unless you get lucky, you gotta pay anywhere from 200-500) making our total move in cost $2475. Which is a lot but we figured it was worth it. Well they call us on tuesday to let us know we got approved but because our dogs, the owner now wants a $1650 dep and they sent me a move-in cost sheet which has a rental tax! We have to pay the city a 2% tax on rent! how retarded is that. As if that weren't enough, the 1st of July is a Tuesday ?& we can't move in on Tuesday so we have to pay $150 for June rent as well! & I call to see about utility deposits, it's going to be over $500 to get electricity & water turned on! How ridiculous is that!

Anyway, we now have a dilema, do we pay the money & rent the house (it's going to save us gas remember) or do we find another house to rent. So today we go to look at another house about 2.5 mi from his work which is $100 less a month & is owned by a military man & well, I have decided that while you can get a good house for a good price here, the fees & deposits they charge are outrageous!

I have also gotten slacky on my orders of letters & so I am playing catch up so in the last 2 days I have finished 5 names totalling 32 letters... I guess that's what happens when you take a break!