Saturday, May 31, 2008


I am so done with the housing drama it's not even funny. But the good news is we are officially moving out on June 18th (the exact same day I moved out of my house in StG last year, kinda wierd) & into a way better perfect house!

We looked at a rental on Thursday not thinking anything would change & we would have to pull a lot of money out of savings to get into another one but WOW is all I can say, someone was definately looking out for us!

This house we are moving into is the EXACT model of the one we wanted to buy except for it only has a half bath instead of a full downstairs. Which is ok by me as it has a HUGE walk in pantry! We fell in love with it the second we walked in & the best part is, ok well the 2 best things are that the landlord is an F-16 pilot (different squadron but no worries if he is going to pay his payment or not YAY) and that he is willing to let us make our deposit in payments so that we can not stress about getting it all paid plus turning on utilities (which is ridiculous nowadays) We are definately thankful for this house! It felt more like home than the other house. *just a funny side note, the guy has a 15yr old daughter who was wanting to go to a friends house & he said be back @ 630 so we can go to dinner & she goes we are going to dinner & he honestly said "I aint got nutin to cook with here YO!" & then after she walked away said to us "you gotta say yo or they don't understand"*

anyways, this week is going to be a very busy one for us because in 7 beautifully hot days we will be heading HOME! & then right when we get back, we move so I got a lot of packing to do as well as Brok has therapy & I have a doc appt with a new doc (apparently in the middle of my care even though they work in the same practice, the woman I was seeing is no longer contracted with our insurance) But it is all worth it!

Anyway, I will keep you all updated & can't wait to see all my fun friends! We miss you all!