Friday, May 23, 2008

So the weather?

Sunday it was our first 100+ degree day, Monday set a record by being 110 degrees after the frist day of hitting 100 & then yesterday & today it's under 70 degrees!

Talk about desert weather! Up in Flagstaff, which is like 2hrs from here, there is tons of snow on the ground & it's cold!

I can't believe the change, I wish it would be cold like this one day a week during the summer so I can go run errands! It's too stinkin hot!


Makenzie & Jordan said...

Hey I am glad you left a message on my blog. It sounds like you are doing really well. Congrats on the baby. Keep in touch - Makenzie

bryce and paige said...

how fun to live in hot AZ! We love Phoenix! Both bryce and I used to live there and we're applying to two d.o. schools there in a few months! Maybe we'll live close to you! How fun also that you're having a boy! I'm so excited for you. so fun to look at your blog!