Friday, May 16, 2008

This week is almost over (sorry it's kind of a novel)

Wow... Can I just tell you that this week has been a rollercoaster ride!

It all started on Tuesday morning when I woke up to see Kevin off and went in to check my email before Brok woke. Now normally, I just look at it & go get him up. No not this time. There was a nice little email from our landlord making false claims & letting us know that she started the eviction process on us for 2 very, wrong reasons. The first thing that she claimed was that she hadn't recieved rent for the past 2 months (April & May) and the second was that she was turning off the utilities because we hadn't been paying them (they are in her name)

Now, none of this is true mind you but I am having an emotional breakdown at this point. I quickly let Kevin know what was going on & was then left to deal with it.

The first thing I did was to call her up. No answer. So I send her an email with the check numbers and the dates that they came out of our accounts and the list of confirmation numbers from paying the utilities. I also asked what was our fear, when did we need to be out. I called her every half hour for the next 2 hours to no avail & she wasn't answering texts either.

Finally 3 hours after the first email, she emails me back saying she will double check her account for that deposit and that I need to immediately go pay May's rent (which I thought I had paid since I know I went there to pay it but for some reason lost the check) along with any fees per our contract. So of course, I go pay rent & then I also send her copies of the check's backs where it has her account information on it saying it was deposited.

6 hrs into the whole ordeal as I have been frantically trying to find us somewhere to live that we can afford & letting them all know what is going on & after calling & texting her constantly, she calls me. She tells me that she can't find the deposit into her account for April but that since I have the checks, she can take it to her bank, that she recieved may's rent & that she cancelled the utilities shut off.

At this point I am so frustrated that I am trying really hard not to get upset not to get angry & to make her mad but I firmly let her know that this was not acceptable. Every month since we moved in, if for some reason we were late with rent, she let me know so not telling me for a month was suspicious. I told her that I didn't need the stress of having to worry about this with the new baby coming & that it wasn't fair to me to do that without any sort of inclination something was up. I also let her know that I knew her 2 other rentals had foreclosed & asked if ours was next. She firmly told me that No, she saved the house, that it was close but that she had negotiated to get it worked out. Ok, still not really what you want to hear but I am not going to argue. She also said we could work something out to use our Deposit as a rent payment should we decide to leave a month early so we could be settled before the baby comes. Ok, nice lady right?

Fast forward to tonight, Friday at around 730pm. Kevin and I walk out to get the mail. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until we open the box & find some interesting documents. There is something from a lawyer's office addressed to Parties in Possession & our address. My first thought was "Great she filed eviction anyway." But since legally we are the addressee, Kevin opens it to find a Substitution of Trustee notice & all other documents related. For those of you who don't know what that is (we had our suspicsions but weren't positive, thank goodness for my old boss & their immense knowledge) it is the beginnings of a foreclosure, or preforeclosure. It stated that our house would be auctioned on August 7, 2008 (90 days from the recorded date) Another paper attached let us know that she had not been making her payments since 12/01/2007. You can guarantee that sparked some interest considering we pay our rent every month right? So it goes on to say that the reason for the foreclosure is because she has missed her payments of $778.04 since 12/01/2007, this month was month 6 & that all other payments, late fees, liens on the property, etc hadn't been paid either. Well, she has 2 mortgages so this is her first. I call up my old boss & what do you know, this means she has to pay everything past due & up til August 7,2008 in full (without interest, late fees & any other amounts alone is $7002.36) or the house will be auctioned to the highest bidder. Not exactly a nice lady? Yeah so not that I am discrediting her in anyway but who can deny that it looks mighty suspiscious... So now we get to go find out what is really going on & more than likely find us a house to move into. Yay.

Rewind to Wednesday. I am searching online just messing around when Kevin gets the idea that we should get pre-approved for a home purchase loan & that I need to find us a house. Ok, easy huh? Since we pretty much knew what we wanted, I found a house perfect for us! It has 4 beds, 3 baths & a huge grassy lot with a deck off a loft! Not to mention that the master is upstairs (a must for us since our kid can't seem to sleep through the night) and it's like 2200sq ft. It is only listed for 137,000 and is only 10 min from the base (as opposed to our 30 min drive now) and is in a good neighborhood with low HOA fees. So now we are waiting to see what happens with that...

Thursday comes & I put my listing up on Craigslist for my letters, & I got an order for 39 from one lady & 10 from another and a prior customer has ordered again & said she is addicted to them! How sweet is that!

One high light of the week is that I got a business license so now we can claim on taxes I am self employed (not always a good thing) but we get to write off part of our rent & utilities every month. So that could be interesting. My business name is BabyBug Creations LLC

Tomorrow we have our 2nd ultrasound which should confirm a gender (I am not thinking it's gunna change) and should be pretty fun! I will keep everyone posted & Keep us in your prayers! We definately need all the help we can get at this point!


Anonymous said...

Thats so shady of her! For the most part, our landlord is okay. We were without A/C for almost a week last July. Yeah, we live in Vegas and we were miserable! I got a really sweet tan because I lived at the pool for a week. 4 bed house for under 150? That's a good deal!