Monday, May 12, 2008

Late mother's day

So I had a really good mother's day... I love being a mom... It is so fun to see how much Brok grows each day! He is a character... for instance, yesterday we had some friends over for a bbq & he was just quietly playing on the floor when all the sudden he was across the room with a phone book just tearing out the pages! He ripped out so many pages (it's ok we got like 3 of them & our neighbor's house is empty & their books are still on the porch) that it really looked like a tornado came through the living room!

I got a very nice card from Kevin & some really pretty flowers... He also did my nasty dishes that I had been putting off doing! YAY!

Overall, it was a very fun day. Brok was well behaved & we had fun with our friends (2 married couples that kevin works with the guys, one wife is preg due 2 wks before me with a girl & one has a 15mo old girl) It was a blast!

I also wanted to say thanks to my mom for supporting me in all I do, I know it's hard for her to have us pretty far away (not as far as others but still a trip!) & not get to see her only grandbaby(soon to be babies) as much but she loves them & us. She is a great example to me! (she got the best gift which any mom with a missionary gets, to talk to him, & he comes home in 29 days from today)

My mother in law is also great, she raised Kevin to be such a good man... It's funny because he grew up in a home with only sisters (though due to age, they weren't living @ home most of them) so he learned a lot on how to support a wife.

Hope everyone had a great day as well!


Danette said...

It's good to hear from you! Thanks for all your comments and good luck with your new little addition!