Sunday, May 4, 2008

What a Week!

So this week I was super busy getting a brochure ready to mail to Camille Jennings of my previous letters I had made so she could take them to The What Women Want Expo in St. George & Man! It was so much harder than I thought! But I got it done & Camille was awesome to do it for me! Thanks Camille!

We also got a phone call from the AzEIP (Arizona Early Intervention Program) to get our therapy for Brok (finally after 3 months of waiting). Our case manager came out on Friday & basically just had me sign some forms & went over what we wanted from him & how soon. She left me with a list of Physical Therapist to call because usually there is a wait list & so I got right to work. I found one to come! Hopefully by next week someone will be coming in once a week to work with him! He also gets a Developmental Specialist to come work for an hour every week, basically they just play with him in a way that encourages him to walk & goes along with what the therapists will be doing! We think (or hope) he'll be walking within a few months! He will be with the program til we move, & then still will get help from wherever... When he is 2 &1/2 we meet with the school district to determine if he is @ his correct developmental age & if so AWESOME! But if not, he'll get put into a preschool with other kids who are in the same boat. It will be good either way!

Another exciting part of the week was that Kevin's AMU for work had a campout at the lake. It isn't like camping in Utah though, don't let it fool you... There were no trees & it was so hot! But it did cool off pretty good at night. It was ok for us, not too boring but definately not the party everyone else had. They all pretty much drink & even the high ranked officers over their group were so drunk one actually passed out... We were already in bed but I hear it was pretty exciting down there. Brok loved camping. He had a blast! Except for the waking up & being hungry like he does but not getting a warm bottle! I ended up sleeping with his milk curled up next to me so warm it up! Kevin had told me it wouldn't be too cold there so all I brought blanket wise was 2 little flannel ones... we couldn't share & neither of them were long enough to stretch out fully but hey, we had our huge tent (THANKS MOM & DAD) & the air mattress so we can't really complain! We went out on a boat yesterday with some friends & had fun, there was a 250,000 boat crashed against the side of the rocks, like it had tried to turn but hit the rocks. It was empty so it was more of a spectacle than really any excitement but hey, it was fun! Lake Pleasant was really cold so we didn't swim but we sure had fun!

& also, I forgot to say but I quit working like 2 weeks ago... I had a strong desire to stay home... & I was so sick that I was having a harder time working!

Anyway, this week was fun & the coming week should be too. I have a doc appt on Thurs where they should schedule another ultrasound & we'll get to hear the little one's heart... He is very active! I love it, I can feel him sloshing around!


Tasha Stout said...

Ash, It sounds like you guys have been really busy! I'm jealous that you got to go camping... we thought about it this weekend but it was still getting into like the 30's at night and that is too cold to wake up to!! Hope you are feeling better!!
p.s. one thing that helped my morning sickness was right when you wake up get a piece of black licorice and eat it or suck on it. Get the real stuff not the twizzler stuff. It's the only thing that made me stop throwing up and nauseous!! I hate the taste of it but it worked!!

bryce and paige said...

Yay that you're having another boy so brok can have a buddy. And also I'm so glad that you are able to stay home now, how nice. I miss you, hope everything goes okay with the development specialists. You're great. keep in touch.